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23 Times Ashley Benson Was The Coolest Chick On Instagram

The secret's out...

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1. When her eyeliner was on point.

2. When she cApitAlised the "A" in hAir.

3. When she posed with a closed Coke bottle as if she were drinking it.

4. When she partied with Paris.

5. When she hung out with her on-screen OTP Tyler Blackburn.

6. When she took a bathroom selfie.

7. When she showed her fans how long she has been friends with her Pretty Little Liars' co-star Lucy Hale.

8. When she was all about Amazing Amy.

9. When she was Lucy Hale's twin.

11. When she treat her self.

12. When she saw the Queen.

13. When she danced like no one was watching with her BFF and co-star Shay Mitchell.

14. When she created her own Pretty Little Liars fanfic.

15. When she won a slippery dip race.

16. When she was pro-guyliner.

17. When she still looked ***flawless after working for 14 hours.

18. When she drank her greens.

19. When she went parasailing and "wasn't scared at all":

20. When she had a burrito and a coffee.

21. When she was an adorable kid.

23. And when she hung with her girls.

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