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    5 Nov 2014

    15 Things You Learn Seeing Aqua On Tour As An Adult

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    Remember Aqua? They were MASSIVE in the late 90s, with their hits "Doctor Jones," "Lollipop (Candyman)," and of course, "Barbie Girl."

    They're in Australia for their Greatest Hits tour at the moment. Here's 15 things you learn seeing Aqua on tour.

    1. They're really, really, REALLY fucking good live.

    2. Lene is still super hot, 17 years after the release of "Barbie Girl."

    3. In fact, they basically all look exactly the same as they did in '97, except Søren and Claus have slightly different hair.

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    4. Lene singing live sounds pretty much exactly like the CD, without lipping a single line.

    5. And so does René Dif, for that matter.

    6. Their favourite song is "Roses Are Red."

    7. They've remixed their hit "Lollipop (Candyman)" into a filthy house track.

    8. The updated breakdown of "Turn Back Time" slays pretty much everything ever.

    9. They have amazing fans who make for an excellent crowd, will sing along with every word, will jump, wave, and generally just have the best time ever.

    10. Lene's dance moves are incredible.

    11. René takes his mid-show break at a different time from the rest of the band so the audience is never bored.

    12. Their iconic hits are exactly as catchy as you remember them being.

    13. Their fan base is incredibly diverse, ranging anywhere from teenagers to middle-aged and covering the spectrum from metal heads to pop princesses.

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    14. Lene and Søren are OTP, and René is okay with it.

    15. They're incredibly humble, and incredibly thankful for their fans.

    This post is dedicated to Adelaide, who missed out this time because Lene was too sick to perform :(

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