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15 Things We Learned From Hilary Duff In Australia

We're all about you, Hilary!

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1. On her X-Factor Australia performance: / Via

“It was awesome… I was definitely nervous, but [it was] great, and I have to say, I walked out there and the fans were just going crazy, wild, and so I think that made me like, “I got this! I can do this!”… I felt good about it, I felt happy to have that one under my belt, and now it’s all like, I feel like I can do it.”

On doing promo in Australia: / Via

"The promo, I forget, it's hard work, but it's really important and I love being here and everyone's always so good to me!"

2. On getting swooped by seagulls by the Sydney Opera House:

"I had a piece of fish, and he was very excited about the fish! And there were french fries on the table, and I think he was into those, too. They were BOLD seagulls! And it was quiet, hovering above my head... I didn't know it was up there until my videographer Mike was like *terrified noises and pointing* and I'm like "What?!" And then this thing starts flapping and making all this noise and I was like "Oh, shit!" It was kind of like, they dive bomb you!"

Hahahaha sorry @HilaryDuff but these photos of you getting swooped by a segul are hilarious!!

HilaryDuff Australia@hilaryduffaus

Hahahaha sorry @HilaryDuff but these photos of you getting swooped by a segul are hilarious!!

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3. On sightseeing:

"Well we went to the Harbour, which I always love, it's so beautiful there! Last night we went on a long walk to get a meat pie [at Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Woolloomooloo], which I'd never had before, and then we walked through the park, which was nice. We might do the bridge tonight... I can't believe I've never done that before! We wanted to go to Luna Park, but it's closed today! I wanted to win Luca a big kangaroo or something... so that's a bummer."

And she did climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge: / Via

4. On her new album:

"The new album is definitely very pop, but it's a little more folky [than my last record]; there's a lot of banjos and there's... a little bit of twang, yeah. But still pop, you know? It's cool, it's very personal, but it's very happy, too. There's two that are a little more emotional. It's kind of like, whatever I went into the studio and felt that day is what we wrote about and some of them are really happy and positive and some of them are a little moodier, or whatever. My voice is so distinctly my voice that it's not like "Woah, that's Hilary Duff?!"... It sounds like a natural progression, I think, from my last record. "

"In front of the opera house #Australia #voicesofangels lol👯"


5. On whether she'll tour Australia once the new album is out:

"Of course, yeah! There's been little whispers we might start here, but I'm not sure. It's definitely not set in stone, so I don't want anyone to hold me to that, but I've always had great shows here, and the fans are really supportive and avid and loyal, and it'd be fun! I mean, some of my most memorable shows were here, and I think maybe a tour in February."

6 years today since @HilaryDuff performed at the closing date of her Dignity Tour in Melbourne on February 3, 2008

Hilary Duff UK@TeamHilaryUK

6 years today since @HilaryDuff performed at the closing date of her Dignity Tour in Melbourne on February 3, 2008

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6. On her favourite song on the radio right now:

"Gosh, that's tough! I like the Tove Lo song a lot, "Stay High"? And I like "Boom Clap" a lot... It's so good. I've been doing some acoustic things here, and I'm thinking about doing that one acoustically, which is really cool."

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"Doing another acoustic version of #allaboutyou this am for @kiiss1065 and there's @boomansworld looking after me"

7. On her all-time favourite movie:

"That's so hard! What?! How do I answer that? Um, I'm super sappy. I love action movies too, and darker stuff, but my favourites are like, The Notebook, The Holiday, The Family Stone. I love those tug at your heartstrings movies. I can't choose!"

8. On her fondest memories from Lizzie McGuire:

"You know what was cool, was that it started out just to be like this little show, and you're shooting, and you never know what's going to come of it... Until the show airs you never know what's going happen, and then it airs and it's like *explosion noise* and all of us experienced that together. It felt like we were in on something together. And I mean, I worked my ass off on that show, I was in like every single scene, and I learned a really strong work ethic, but I had a lot of fun while I was doing it, too. Like, the physical comedy. I think I've always been up for a really good challenge, and when you do stuff like that you only have one take to do it, so I was always into that."

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

9. On her favourite film that she's starred in:

"... I don't think I've filmed it yet. I mean, I've had great experiences, but... I shot this really weird little independent movie, called According to Greta, and like, four people saw it, but it's definitely my favourite to date. It was an indie movie, and of course I'd like to to bigger movies [also]."

Anchor Bay Entertainment / Via

10. On whether she'd do darker indie films like Spring Breakers:

"Yeah, I would, if I liked the script. I would never wanna do it just to like, shock people, you know what I mean? Like I would want it to be a really well written, great material."

11. On being back on a TV set:

"We've only shot the pilot, but it was great! I feel really at home being shooting a TV show. The cast is really great, I am obsessed with Darren Star, the show definitely has his stamp on it. And I'm really good with a repetitive schedule, so I feel like I'm gonna be happy knowing where I'm gonna be sleeping every night, for at least a few months! And the show's got some really fun twists coming up, so I'm excited."


12. On moving to New York to shoot Younger:

"I'm literally going to go home and dump out my suitcase and fill it back up again. I got an awesome brownstone in Brooklyn. We don't get fall in LA, and it's my favourite time of year, so I think it'll be really beautiful and I can take Luca apple picking!"

13. On whether there will be a duet with her and Younger co-star and Broadway legend Sutton Foster:

"We had a viewing party the other day for a bunch of press in LA, and one of the journalists was like, a Sutton superfan, and she was like "will you guys do a duet?!" and Darren was like "No! Their characters don't know how to sing on the show!... But maybe a drunken karaoke night!" so, I think he might be writing something. I'm not sure how good we'll be, but it would be fun. I'm so excited to work with her, she's great on the show and I think our characters will have a lot of fun together."

14. On her favourite thing about being a mother:

"I guess just the bond that Luca and I have, and it really happened before I even met him just being pregnant. He's the best. He's the sweetest spirit, and just to watch him grow has been really special. It's like... we were meant for each other. We had to find each other, and it happened. I'm nervous for [when Luca turns] three, because two's been awesome. I can't believe he's mine and I get to have him everyday! And I remember, the bottom of [his] feet were so soft, thinking "I never want these to touch the ground!" and now they're like, calloused and rough, and he's a boy and running barefoot everywhere, and I'm always having to trim his toenails because they're gnarly, and I'm like "You're such a boy now!""