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17 Questions Girls With Thin, Fine Hair Have For Girls With Thick Hair

Is it as fabulous as we imagine it to be?

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1. What is it like having thick hair?

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2. Is it as fabulous as we imagine it to be?


3. Is it just, like, you wander around with luscious, voluminous locks all the time?


That is what it seems like, and I'd like to be a part of it.

4. What's it like having to ask your hairdresser to thin out your hair?

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This is not something I have ever experienced.

5. What's it like being able to rock a sick braid?


When I braid my hair it's literally less than a centimetre wide and it looks ridiculous.

6. Do you really get headaches from the weight of your hair?


That is crazy to me.

7. Are there any hairstyles that you ~can't~ do because your hair is too thick?

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Because, like, I basically can't do any of the styles I want to do so I'm just wondering if that goes both ways??

8. How many times do you wrap a hair tie around your hair when you put it up?

Is it, like, twice?

9. What's it like having enough hair to do a sock bun?

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It seems nice tbh.

10. How long does it take you to do your hair?


It seems like a lot of work but I think I'd be up for it?

11. Has your scalp ever gotten sunburnt?

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Not just your part, but, like, if your hair is up and just random patches of your head get sunburnt because there's not enough hair to cover your scalp?

12. What's it like having enough hair to soak up the oil your scalp produces? Do you still need to abuse dry shampoo like us thin-and-fine-haired gals?


13. How much hair do you shed when you wash your hair?

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I shed a TON of hair, and I basically have four strands of hair, so how much hair do y'all shed?!

14. Does your hair get tangled easily?

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Mine does?

15. What's it like having hair that's strong enough to withstand lots of bleaching and heat styling?



16. What's it like being able to rock a beanie and not look bald?

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17. HOW is your hair still wet the day after washing it and putting it in a ponytail???