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    • stefanief3

      I’ve been to the actual house and the owners are nice. The neighbors, not so much. They had to figure that by allowing their houses to be used on television that people would show up to see them.Iknocked on the door first for permission and would have left had they told me to, soIdo think it’s wrong for random people to show up and walk onaproperty without permission. As to why people are stalking the wrong location, that’s just stupid. And people eating lunch on strangers’ property? Wrong. I’m sorry Lee that people are inconsiderate and not the brightest and you felt the need to put upatacky sign to keep them away. It’s kind of like tellingachild not to touch something though and the first thing they do is touch it.Ithink the sign will make more people want to go on your property because you’re telling them not to. It’sashame you can’t findaway to leave booby traps to harm their cars if they dare try. “Honest toss never loss”

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