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    10 Amazing Proposal Photos That Will Make You Smile (or Cry)

    Most photos are worth a thousand words. A proposal photo, however, is worth a thousand smiles (or tears... depending on your own relationship status). Here are 10 adorably sweet proposal shots from HowHeAsked, each with a snippet from the full proposal story.

    Surprise Photo Shoot Proposal

    Photo by Anna K. Photography / Via

    "I looked at David and just grabbed him, squeezing him as tight as I possibly could. I didn’t want to let go, I didn’t want to loose, nor forget that feeling that I felt in that very moment. Then he said “Well, are you going to put the ring on?!” and I shouted YES!, gasped over how stunning it was, slipped it on and went in for another hug."

    Proposal at the Orlando Museum of Art


    "I was confused. I turned to look up at Darby to see if he had any idea what was going on. At that same moment, he took the box with the ring from me (I’m still confused at this point), and then started to get down on one knee (it clicked). Darby asked me to marry him! I started to cry before I even said “yes!”

    4th of July Proposal at the Beach


    "John said a lot of very sweet things and asked me to marry him! I was too busy jumping up and down and kissing him to say yes or even take the ring. It was a perfect beginning to the rest of our lives together and a day I know neither of us will forget."

    Proposal in Paris

    Photo by Pierre Torset / Via

    "This is about to happen I thought…Telling myself my best friend's words of wisdom: you are going to blackout; try to remember what he says when he proposes one day. She was right."

    A Family Proposal in Nantucket

    Photo by Zofia + Co. Photography / Via

    I showed my daughter Lilly the ring saying, “Lilly look! Isn’t it beautiful?” … no reaction! Carl finally went, “Lilly WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” Her reaction was priceless! Which she quickly followed up by asking “ Can I be the flower girl?”

    Jekyll Island Sunset Proposal

    Sarah Becker Photography / Via

    He got down on one knee right then and said, “Emily, I love you more than anything in the world. Will you be my wife?” So, I cried then, I said, “Yes!” then we finally got to share our first kiss that we had been saving for engagement!

    A Coastal Maine Proposal

    Hailey Tash Photography / Via

    "When Hailey told us to stroll down the beach my heart skipped a beat. ‘Stroll’ was the code word, it was time. I held Kristin’s hand as we made our way down the beach; we were making jokes as we walked. That’s when I stopped and told Kristin I loved her and I wanted to spend my life with her. I pulled the ring from my pocket, lowered to one knee and asked my soul mate to marry me. I won’t ever forget the look in her eyes when I proposed to her, it was a moment of excitement, shock, happiness and love."

    Proposal at Lacrosse Practice

    Photo by J. Alviti Photography / Via

    With that being said, Chris came out from behind these rolled up wrestling mats and the girls erupted into screams! He approached me with the biggest smile on his face. At this point all I could do was cover my face I couldn’t believe what was happening. He had to place the bouquet of roses on the floor so he could hold me up. He spoke to me from the heart telling how much he loved me and how he wanted to take care of me for the rest of our lives. He then got down on one knee and asked me the most important question anyone has ever asked me.. “Will you marry me?”

    Polaroids and Clothespins; a Creative Proposal in Oxford

    Renee Sprink Photography / Via

    The first thing Kara could gather words to say was, “Does my mom know about this?” To that question, I innocently responded, “Your mom?” Then, shouting to our secret observers, “Everybody come out!” That is when my family and hers jumped out from behind barns, wood piles, and trees, to shout, “Congratulations!!!”

    A Snowy, Magical Proposal

    Photo by Chris Emeott Photography / Via

    He opened the doors to the ice skating rink and there was a red carpet laid on the ice with a box at the end. Things clicked and I figured it out. Everyone moved to the sides of the rink so it felt like we were out there alone. I laughed, cried and finally said yes!