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    While You Were Out: German Soccer Sets Up Support Group For Gay Players

    The football league is looking to support potential gay players, a play based on Tyler Clementi's life opened and Austin Armacost strips down for DNA magazine in this morning's LGBT news.

    Cathal Mcnaughton / Reuters

    1) The German Football Association set up a new support system for future out players.

    "The support group will include representatives from the German Football League (DFL), as well as an openly gay former footballer.

    Sports sociologist, Gunter Pilz, who is leading the group said: 'We will prepare an internal guide with the assistance of outside experts,' reports the AFP.

    'The idea is to help clubs and associations be prepared for a possible outing so they can help provide the best possible assistance.'"

    1) A play based on Tyler Clementi's life opens in Chicago.

    "Christopher Shinn wrote a play inspired by Tyler’s tragedy entitled Teddy Ferrara. It is currently in previews and officially premieres in Chicago on February 11 at the Goodman Theater. 'I thought a lot about committing suicide in high school and during my college years, and though I never really came close, I felt like I understood something about a psyche that wants to die,' said Shinn."

    2) Ellen DeGeneres reacts to the BSA's decision on it's anti-gay policies.

    "'They won’t let their members be gay, well, openly gay anyway, but they’re letting them wear neckerchiefs and green short shorts.'"

    1) The USA football drama, Necessary Roughness, goes gay.

    2) Freedom To Marry pledges $2 million on state marriage efforts.

    3) Todd M. Hughes, an attorney with the Department of Justice, is the second out gay judge nominated to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

    1) Donald Trump clarifies his stance on gay marriage.

    "Donald, go on the record," said Stern. "You’re for gay marriage."

    "Well, I’m not," he replied.

    "It’s never been an argument that’s discussed with me very much," Trump continued. "People know it’s not my thing one way or another."

    1) A-List: New York's Austin Armacost spreads 'em for DNA magazine.

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