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    While You Were Out: Disney Names First Out President

    George Kalogridis takes over Disney World, U.K. looks at the next steps for its gay marriage bill, and Sean Eldridge sets his sights on Congress in this morning's LGBT news.

    1) George Kalogridis is now Walt Disney World's first out president.

    "Kalogridis is Walt Disney World’s fifth president, taking over for Meg Crofton, who will fully assume her role as president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations, U.S. and France."

    He and his partner of 12 years, Andy Hardy, plan to build a new home in Golden Oak, a subdivision being developed by Disney World.

    2) Sean Eldridge, husband of Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, has filed papers to run for Congress.

    "Eldridge, a Democratic activist and the head of an investment firm, will be seeking a House seat in New York's 19th District, currently represented by Representative Chris Gibson."

    3) Chris Kluwe talks to Thomas Roberts about Culliver's comments and LGBT rights.

    4) Popular gay porn star Arpad Miklos commits suicide.

    1) In the U.K., same-sex marriage clears first hurdle. What's next for the bill?

    "1st reading — effectively announcing that the bill has been published.

    2nd reading — at which a substantive debate takes place on the principles underpinning the proposed law; a yes vote at this stage typically means that the bill will become law in a form somewhat close to the draft. [JMG: Today was the second reading.]

    Committee Stage — a small committee of members of Parliament reviews the law, makes amendments; typically this is where bad drafting is fixed but also where lobbying really makes a difference.

    Lords stage — the House of Lords votes on the Bill and sometimes has its own committees. If they vote no, the Bill goes back to the Commons. The Commons can insist on their own version and overrule the Lords but it’s a big pain to do it.

    3rd Reading — once the Lords’ have passed the bill, the Commons votes one last time on the final amended version."

    1) Saeed Jones tries Naked Yoga.

    2) Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is expected to extend certain benefits to same-sex spouses.

    1) Amber Heard stars in the new fragrance ad for Guess.

    2) AfterEllen ranks the femslash ships on Once Upon a Time.

    1) Lord Jamar says Kanye West is the "pioneer of this queer shit" in a new track.

    "Somebody mad at my hashtag
    Black man lookin' half a fag
    With a blazer and vest
    I'm just amazed at the mess
    Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West
    He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene
    Then he wore a fucking skirt on the video screen
    Then he wore it again at a memorial
    I can't pretend that this shit ain't deplorable
    I bet this nigga thinkin' he looking adorable
    Your music's good but your ego is horrible"

    Perfume Genius, "Hood"

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