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Lizzy, Kirsten And Isla Discuss Flaws, Female Intuition And Guilty Pleasures

The stars of Bachelorette sat down with BuzzFeed to talk about the movie and their favorite things in pop culture.

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These roles are much crazier than some of those you've played in the past. Was there any freedom in playing flawed characters?

Isla Fisher: Yeah, I played a bipolar nymphomaniac in Wedding Crashers so to play a coke whore felt like a natural progression. I'm just trying to make my dad proud. I think I'm doing it one movie at a time.

Kirsten Dunst: I hadn't done a comedy in awhile so I was wanting to do one for so long. So finally this script came along. I was so excited because there's not many roles like this written for women. They usually just come from female writers and so it was fun to be the Type-A personality.

Lizzy Caplan: I think most characters that are well-written are flawed characters just in general so it's nice when somebody takes it really far.

Some of the comments have been that these are unlikeable characters. Do you feel that you make them redeemable?

Isla: I don't think they are unlikeable… These are characters you've seen in independent movies and other types of movies. It's just seeing them in a comedy and laughing at them is what's maybe unique about our movie. I don't think the characters are unlikeable per say.

Kirsten: It's a pressure cooker. [Our characters] are not like this all the time.

Lizzy: I think what our movie does that's really cool is that you laugh at these terrible things that these girls are doing but it seems like the audience can judge themselves for laughing at it.


Were the male co-stars intimidated by such a strong female cast? Do you think they held their own?

Lizzy: They had meaty roles. All of them had stuff to do but even if they didn't, I feel like they all would have signed up to do this movie. It's really cool to be around actors who are willing to take the backseat to the girls having the fun because we've been doing that forever.

The movie really shines when all three of you are on screen. Can you talk about how that chemistry came together?

Kirsten: I told Lizzy this is a threesome that will work. I have respect for these women. If you don't have respect for the actors you're working with it's not going to be good.

Lizzy: Preach it!

Kirsten: It's just not. No matter if it's their first time or you saw them in a play... It's also a female's intuition. You know what I mean? You just know when things can click well. And I knew.

Isla: Kiks knew! [laughing]

Kirsten: [laughing] I knew.

What was your favorite scene to film?

Isla: My favorite scene is the bathtub stuff for me. It's one of those days, you get ready for work and you get to go to sleep.

Kirsten: My end of the movie is the most fun for me. Running around the hotel room, cursing everyone, bossing everyone around was the most fun for me to play.

Lizzy: My most fun day ever shooting anything was when we shot on the subway because we didn't have permits or anything. We had to race on the subway, hiding the camera from the cops and shoot really quickly then run off the subway car and do it again. It was a very exciting New York, guerrilla filmmaking vibe.


Truth Time: If a friend destroyed your wedding dress, would you forgive them?

Isla: It depends. Let's talk about it! If they got carried away, they are having the greatest time making chicken soup and then bang it's all over the dress. Then yes.

Kirsten: [laughs]

Lizzy: If it were an accident then you can't be mad.

Is there anyone that makes you starstruck?

Lizzy: Real Housewives!

Kirsten: Joni Mitchell.

Lizzy: The stars of Bachelorette.

Do you have a pop culture guilty pleasure?

Lizzy: The Real Housewives!

Isla: The Good Wife.

Kirsten: Bachelorette (TV).

Kirsten: [In response to Isla] That's not guilty.

Lizzy: That's a good show. Say like Jersey Shore or something.


What makes you laugh out loud?

Kirsten: These two [points to Lizzy and Isla] always makes me laugh.

Isla: The Brüno movie when the focus group say that's rubbish.

Lizzy: I like when people hurt themselves... accidentally.

Kirsten: My brother just showed this to me: This woman is on Maury with her who she thinks is her baby daddy. And they announce that he's not the father and she's crying and he's dancing. And the put on Outkast or something over the video.

Cat or Dog?

Lizzy: Cat.

Kirsten: Cat.

Isla: Chicken.

Describe Bachelorette in three words.

Lizzy: Ding. Dong. Dolly.

Kirsten: Long. Red. Brunette.

Isla: I think it's funny.

Lizzy: That's it. That's four words.

Isla: I think funny.

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