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    8 Pics Of MSNBC's Thomas Roberts' Wedding

    The MSNBC reporter married longtime partner, Patrick Abner, in New York City over the weekend. And of course, he tweeted the whole thing.

    1. #TieTheKnot Cupcakes

    2. Wedding Eve

    Via Twitter: @DonLemonCNN

    Thomas and Patrick photographed the night before the ceremony by CNN's Don Lemon who dubs it "Wedding Eve."

    3. Pre-Wedding Prep

    4. The Big Day

    Via Twitter: @ThomasARoberts

    Patrick photographed with his family just before the ceremony.

    5. The Ceremony

    Via Facebook: patrick.abner

    California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom officiated the wedding.

    6. The View

    Via Twitter: @DonLemonCNN

    A stunning background for any wedding.

    7. The Reception

    Via Twitter: @DonLemonCNN

    Thomas and Patrick photographed with CNN reporter, Don Lemon.

    8. The Morning After


    Thomas tweeted "Morning in NYC is pretty sweet waking up as a married man!"

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