5 TV Gigs For The Smoke Monster From “Lost”

After terrorizing Lost’s castaways for nearly six years, the smoke monster made a surprise appearance on True Blood. It looks like Smokey has a new agent and is ready to work again. What should it take on next?

1. Lost / True Blood

The monster got its start on Lost and it turned out it was The Man In Black (Titus Welliver, Terry O’Quinn) in smokey form.

Smoke made it’s debut in episode 5 and appeared in last night’s episode. However, there’s no word on how long it’s arc is expected to last.

2. 1. 666 Park Avenue

Terry O’Quinn’s new show about tenants possessed with a demonic force would be a great place for Smokey to demonstrate it’s best spooky skills.

3. 2. Community

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) appeared in the second paintball-themed episode. Why not let Smokey join in the third iteration? #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

4. 3. Fringe

An opportunity to work with Lost creator JJ Abrams, Smokey could join the mysteries of Fringe.

5. 4. Game of Thrones

Smokey would look great sitting on the Throne of Seven Kingdoms - Joffrey be damned.

6. 5. The Good Wife

Much like Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver), Smokey could go toe-to-toe with Alicia Florrick or even take over Welliver’s original role.

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