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4 Things Every Guy Should Know About Personal Style

Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, designers for Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown, break down the essentials of men's fashion.

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Mark Von Holden / Getty Images

Fashion designers Steven Cox (L) and Daniel Silver (R) walk the runway at the Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown fall 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Highline Stages on February 12, 2013 in New York City.

1. What are three essential pieces of clothing every man should have in his closet?

Steven Cox: A white T-shirt. A pair of jeans. And a black jacket.

2. What is the one fashion mistake every man makes?

Daniel Silver: I think most guys wear clothing that's too big for them. You know fit is a very personal issue for people. But a lot of guys think that if you can't raise your arm to throw a football, it's too tight. I think most guys can take a size down, and usually they size up.

SC: I think the biggest mistake is if you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn't wear it… If you feel uncomfortable in your clothing, you're not going to look good.


3. What are some realistic ways every man can upgrade their style?

DS: I think every guy needs a great sport jacket in either navy or black or dark gray. I think every guy needs a beautiful white shirt that's fitted. I think every guy needs a great pair of jeans that aren't too big, that are a little snug and don't look like mom jeans. I think you need beautiful shoes. You know, when in doubt, get a beautiful pair of Brogues. You know, I think those are basics for any guy's wardrobe. I think every guy needs to buy new underwear and new socks every six months. And new T-shirts as well. Nothing lasts forever, it's only an item. Get rid of it.

So you're saying we should get rid of our old college T-shirts.

DS: You know what, you can sleep in them. But that's about it.

4. What's the one accessory every man should own?

DS: I think it's always great if you have a beautiful watch or a beautiful pair of sunglasses...

SC: I think a beautiful white T-shirt.

DS: Oh, he's talking accessories.

SC: Accessories? Isn't a T-shirt an accessory too?

DS: No, it's a piece of clothing.

SC: You want a bag. A nice bag. A beautiful bag.