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    10 Actors To Watch This Summer

    Here's a list of your new, favorite male celebrities sexing up the summer.

    1. Logan Marshall-Green


    Why now? He is Noomi Rapace's shirtless love interest in Prometheus and has two more movies coming out later this year. Let's hope those roles require him to flash his abs.

    2. James Wolk

    Why now? He reminded us how yummy he was during his shirtless arc on Happy Endings and returns to the small screen in the miniseries, Political Animals.

    3. Kit Harington


    Why now? He's the quiet, sexy one in the Game of Thrones and his shirtless profile in Men's Journal has everyone all hot and bothered.

    4. Reid Scott


    Why now? He’s the smoking hot baddie on HBO’s new series, Veep, and has a recurring role on Showtime's The Big C.

    5. Matt Bomer


    Why now? He stars in White Collar but it's his turn as a Ken Doll stripper in Magic Mike that's getting everyone excited.

    6. Josh Henderson


    Why now? He's starring in the reboot/continuation/return of Dallas as J.R.'s hottie son.

    7. Jesse Williams

    Why now? He's the hottest cast member to don scrubs on Grey's Anatomy and one of the teens romping in The Cabin in the Woods.

    8. Diego Boneta


    Why now? The actor/singer shares the screen with a veteran heartthrob, Tom Cruise, in Rock of Ages and can also be seen in Pretty Little Liars.

    9. Sam Claflin


    Why now? He pines for Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman and can be seen in the BBC drama, White Heat.

    10. Sebastian Stan

    Why now? Following a stint on Gossip Girl, Sebastian will be next seen in Political Animals as James Wolk's troublemaking brother.

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