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    These "American Horror Stories" Theories Will Send You Down A Rabbit (Rabbit) Hole

    Can we ever get tired of Murder House?

    If you’ve been dealing with an American Horror Story–shaped hole in your heart, you may have been tuning in to its freaky and twisty spinoff, American Horror Stories.

    With the American Horror Story fandom as devoted as it is, there have definitely been some pretty convincing theories about the spinoff and how it fits into the AHS universe as a whole. Read ahead for some of our favorite ones!

    1. All of the episodes are connected to the apocalypse.

    2. One less flattering theory floating out there is that the episodes are bad on purpose.

    3. American Horror Stories is a satire about conservative fears.

    4. In Episode 3, John Carroll Lynch’s character made a deal with the devil to distribute Rabbit Rabbit.

    5. Murder House will be destroyed by the time the final episode of American Horror Stories airs.

    6. But all’s fair game in the American Horror Story universe, so some viewers don’t think that Murder House will be gone for good.

    7. We could see Roanoke House one more time.

    However you feel about the new American Horror Stories, you have to admit that there’s a whole compelling rabbit (rabbit) hole of theories out there! What are your predictions for the spinoff? Drop them down in the comments below!