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    The New "American Horror Stories" Trailer Is Here And It Has Kaia Gerber And Sierra McCormick In The Bathtub

    "There are so many wonderful ways to make people suffer."

    A brand-new American Horror Stories trailer dropped today, and it definitely looks pretty chilling.

    Still from "American Horror Story"

    We've got dark magic, monsters floating above beds, killers wearing pig heads, anxious authority figures, teenagers trying to figure out what TF is happening — the works.

    Still from "American Horror Story"

    There's also stars Kaia Gerber and Sierra McCormick getting cuddly in a claw-foot tub.

    "There are so many wonderful ways to make people suffer," Kaia says with a murderous gleam in her eye.

    Kaia Gerber in "American Horror Story"

    Watch the trailer below:

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    FX/Hulu / Via

    And watch the new American Horror Story when it premieres on July 15 on FX on Hulu.