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    13 Detective Book Series You Obsessed Over As A Kid

    Sorry, Sherlock. You've been replaced.

    How well did your inner sleuth solve the cases in these books?

    1. Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

    Yearling /
    Yearling /

    Synopsis: Young Nate solves crimes with the help of his trusty dog, Sludge.

    Year of First Publication: 1972

    Number of Books in Series: 26

    Fun Fact: There's a spin-off series featuring Nate's cousin, Olivia Sharp.

    2. Detective Dinosaur by James Skofield

    HarperCollins /
    HarperCollins /

    Synopsis: Detective Dinosaur solves mini-crimes in these beginner-reader books.

    Year of First Publication: 1998

    Number of Books in Series: 3

    Fun Fact: In 2010, Detective Dinosaur Undercover won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book Award.

    3. Jigsaw Jones by James Preller

    4. A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy

    5. Cam Jansen Mysteries by David A. Adler

    Puffin Books /
    Puffin Books /

    Synopisis: Fifth grader Jennifer "Cam" Jansen uses her photographic memory to solve puzzling mysteries.

    Year of First Publication: 1980

    Number of Books in Series: 35 in the original series

    Fun Fact: In 2004, there was an off-Broadway play based on the series.

    6. Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol

    7. Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus

    Aladdin /
    Pocket Books /

    Synopsis: Basil of Baker Street gets to the bottom of mysteries going on in the mouse community, which resides inside Sherlock Holmes' cellar.

    Year of First Publication: 1958

    Number of Books in Series: 5

    Fun Fact: Disney's The Great Mouse Detective is based on Titus' books.

    8. The Boxcar Children by Gerturde Chandler Warner

    Albert Whitman & Company /
    Albert Whitman & Company /

    Synopsis: Four orphaned children solve mysteries while playing in a boxcar in their grandfather's backyard.

    Year of First Publication: 1924, but reissued in 1942

    Number of Books in Series: 139 in the original series — Warner only wrote the first 19 books, and the rest were written by various authors.

    Fun Fact: An animated movie was made in 2014, and included the voice talents of Martin Sheen and J.K. Simmons.

    9. Wishbone Mysteries by Various Authors

    10. The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries by Ann M. Martin

    Scholastic /
    Scholastic /

    Synopsis: Members of the Baby-Sitters' Club must juggle school, their jobs, and mysteries that happen in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

    Year of First Publication: 1991

    Number of Books in Series: 36 in the original series

    Fun Fact: Milton-Bradley made a Baby-Sitters' Club Mystery game in 1992.

    11. Sammy Keyes by Wendelin Van Draanen

    Random House

    Synopsis: Fiery and sassy Sammy solves crimes in her fictional town of Santa Martina, California, while living with her grandmother.

    Year of First Publication: 1998

    Number of Books in Series: 18

    Fun Fact: Van Draanen's first book in the series, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, won the Edgar award for Best Juvenile Mystery.

    12. Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

    Simon & Schuster

    Synopsis: Teenage sleuth Nancy finds herself surrounded by numerous mysteries in the fictional town of River Heights.

    Year of First Publication: 1930

    Number of Books in Series: 175 in the original series

    Fun Fact: Carolyn Keene does not exist. The books were written by ghost writers, and the franchise was created by Edward Stratemeyer.

    13. The Hardy Boys by Frank W. Dixon

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