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Alia, Sidharth And Fawad Took The BFF Test And Failed Spectacularly

And Fawad is a goddamn cheater!

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But here's how they did when we asked them questions about each other.


SM: Double jointed is not a talent!

AB: But it makes me flexible. It makes me talented!

FK (who has unsuccessfully tried to copy Alia's answer): I mean, she's good at playing Double Jeopardy also. She's an expert.

AB: It's true. Cheater.

SM: I've never heard him say that.

BuzzFeed: Is "masla" a swear word?

AB: No, but he doesn't swear only.


AB: I thought middle name is your dad's name!

SM: Monty is his nickname.

BuzzFeed: At least Monty Malhotra has a nice ring to it.

SM: It's a good character name, na?