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15 Things You Can Do If You're Bringing In 2017 Alone

Don't worry, it's going to be the best day ever.

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2016 has been a helluva rollercoaster for us all. But you powered through. You survived. It's time for 2017, the best year of your life.

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If you're bringing in the new year alone, here are a few things you might want to do:

1. First and foremost, know that you're amazing and there's nothing wrong in celebrating this new beginning all by yourself. Don't be the L.H.S. Deepika. Be the R.H.S. Deepika.

2. Get drunk while binge-watching your favourite TV show because that's the ideal way to spend any evening.

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3. Take the longest nap you've taken this year because you deserve it.

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4. Do some cleaning around the house. Donate those clothes you haven't worn in years. Leave the hoarder you in 2016.

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5. You remember the solo trip you’ve wanted to take for years? Take it now. Make the last day of the year the most memorable one.

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This might help your travel plans.

6. Google a super elaborate and intricate food recipe and make it for yourself.

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7. Invest in a good book for the evening.

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May we suggest some great ones from this year?

8. Fix some fancy cocktails for yourself at home.

Here are some for you to try.

9. Shop online. Buy that dress you haven't been able to stop thinking about for a month. It's also probably on discount right now.

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10. Play with a puppy because why wouldn't you want to bring in the new year with a tiny floof.


11. Take a long bath. It could be relaxing. It could be a dance battle with yourself.

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12. This evening may be a great to reconnect with an old friend you've been thinking about getting in touch with. Call them.

13. Spend the evening indulging in creative hair and makeup tutorials online.

14. Unwind with a bike ride through the city in the evening.

But not exactly like the guy in the GIF.

15. Basically, all you need to have a great New Year's Eve is you. So, go forth and have an amazing day.

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