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Murdoch Mysteries Mothership!

My account contains an encyclopedia of Murdoch Mysteries fan lore, but because of a glitch that occurred when it was set up, 4 out of 5 of the posts couldn't be Community features. This more or less defeated the whole purpose of my little Buzzfeed initiative (to bring Murdoch Mysteries to the notice of people in the U.S.), threw away all my hard work, and kicked a box full of puppies. :( So I thought I'd try again by incorporating them all into a Murdoch Mysteries Mothership post. Below is my compilation of fan posts offering fun and fast introduction to my favorite historic detective steampunk CSI slightly surreal cult TV show ever.

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Fan Vid Sums Up Murdoch Mysteries in 2 Minutes

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qumquat / Via

Qumquat's snappy little vid remains the best overview of Murdoch Mysteries, professional or amateur, and the best part is it captures the spirit and tone of the series as well as delivering just about all the "talking points" that might be included in a written review. I just send a link to this vid when anyone asks me about the show.


Grand Romance Murdoch Mysteries Style

The romance between Detective William Murdoch and Dr. Julia Ogden is part of the series, but they still haven't sealed the deal after 7 seasons. What will go wrong next?

Murdoch Mysteries: Women of Action

Women on Murdoch Mysteries are tough, headstrong, and are more than capable of defending themselves. Yet as long as they are wearing stylish hats, their bamfy attitudes don't seem out of place in their historical setting. The best part is the way they earn the respect of the men around them while regularly fending off outdated bigotry tracked in with the mud from outside.


Murdoch Mysteries: The Case of the 40 Year Old Virgin

Since Murdoch Mysteries started out in the late Victorian era, sexual repression is more or less a standing joke on the show (though the characters are refreshingly varied in outlook and relationships. This short animation posits the idea that Detective Murdoch has shunned all temptation and retained his virginal purity, until the day he got too curious about the book Dr. Julia Ogden was trying to hide from him...

Murdoch Mysteries Secret Cult of the Homburg

We know that homburg appears magically over long distances, restores William Murdoch's powers and identity as a detective, and possibly protects him from bullets/drowning/Tesla Death Rays. That seems to be worth some gopi dancing and raining flower petals.

William Murdoch vs. the Sharknado!

My theory is a Timelord (Emily) left a Tardis somewhere convenient in Station House 4, enabling Detective Murdoch to hop on over to the 21st century and grab a cameo in Sharknado 2.

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