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Murdoch Mysteries: Is This The Worst Pairing Of All Time?

The wrongitude of this wrongness is wrongtastic.

SqueeGirl 4 years ago

The Murdoch Mysteries Noir Charmant Style Manifesto

I wrote this manifesto about the visual style of Murdoch Mysteries as a fan of the show. No one engaged in the professional design or production of the show had anything to do with the following declaration, including the gratuitous invention of a pretentious French label that would serve as an omnibus descriptor for the visual style of Murdoch Mysteries: Noir Charmant.

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

Murdoch Mysteries Mothership!

My account contains an encyclopedia of Murdoch Mysteries fan lore, but because of a glitch that occurred when it was set up, 4 out of 5 of the posts couldn't be Community features. This more or less defeated the whole purpose of my little Buzzfeed initiative (to bring Murdoch Mysteries to the notice of people in the U.S.), threw away all my hard work, and kicked a box full of puppies. :( So I thought I'd try again by incorporating them all into a Murdoch Mysteries Mothership post. Below is my compilation of fan posts offering fun and fast introduction to my favorite historic detective steampunk CSI slightly surreal cult TV show ever.

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

Secret Cult Of Murdoch Mysteries Revealed In Fanvid Playlist

Steampunk CSI, Flamboyant Fashionplate Victoriana, Cozy Sherlockian Whodunits, Epic Angsty Romance, Occasional Surrealist Symbolism, Noir Charmant, whatever the hell the quirky Canadian cult show Murdoch Mysteries is, it's so underground in the U.S., most people wouldn't be able to find it right in front of them with a flashlight. Here's a quick introduction to my fave TV show ever, conveyed via fan-made videos.

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

Murdoch Mysteries Will Out-BAMF Your BAMFY Women Any Day! Pic Spam!

Murdoch Mysteries has more than just steampunk CSI, dapper and dandy Victorian fashion, and slightly magical homburg. Let's not forget the women are BAMF, and the men (who count) respect and love them for it. Canada, you rock just for making this show.

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

Murdoch Mysteries: These Pics Are Just Wrong, LOL!

Murdoch Mysteries: my beloved steampunk CSI quirky cult "historically authentic" yet somehow also surreal fave Canadian TV show. So underground that you can only get the first 4seasons on Netflix. You're super hip if you watch this show. If you're cosplaying Murdoch Mysteries for the Steampunk Ball in San Francisco, send me your number because you're my ideal date (male only please).

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

The Magic Homburg Strikes Again! Murdoch Mysteries Pic Spam!

On the surface Murdoch Mysteries seems like an innocent steampunk CSI quirky but "historically authentic" cult TV show from Canada...but William Murdoch's homburg may or may not have some magical properties. On several occasions the homburg has magically reappeared over great, even intercontinental, distances, and it has been known to restore William Murdoch's identity as the world's most proper Victorian Detective of Science. Frankly, I think someone from the Adjustment Bureau dropped this homburg, and it may be able to open inter-dimensional doorways.

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

William And Julia Should Just Get It On! Murdoch Mysteries Pic Spam!

Murdoch Mysteries - you're so coy. Is William a 40 year old virgin or not? I love this crazy steampunk CSI show. I pic spam my homage. *hugs Murdoch Mysteries*

SqueeGirl 5 years ago

The Case Of The 40 Year Old Virgin: Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries - you make me laugh and cry so hard. What are you doing to me? Here's this thing I made. *hugs Murdoch Mysteries*

SqueeGirl 5 years ago