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    27 Allergic Reactions That Are So Bad, They'll Actually Make Your Face Hurt

    Oh my god...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the worst allergic reactions they've ever had. Here are the wild results.

    FYI: This post definitely isn't making light of severe allergies. Luckily these people can all look back and laugh at what happened to them. Let this serve as a reminder for why allergies should always be taken seriously. Enjoy!

    1. This person who really got the short end of the stick:

    2. This woman who's basically allergic to everything:

    3. This guy who was just trying to be healthy:

    4. This woman whose face looked like this for a year:

    5. This woman who's extremely allergic to dust:

    6. This wild rash that covered her whole body:

    7. The numb face and swollen lip:

    8. This woman whose whole face swelled up like a balloon:

    9. And this person who accidentally came in contact with one:

    10. This woman who should never garden again:

    11. This unidentified allergic reaction:

    12. This person who needs to stay away from glue:

    13. This guy whose whole head inflated:

    14. This woman who should stay away from all plants:

    15. This woman who definitely shouldn't hang around cats anymore:

    16. These three sausages:

    17. This guy's terrible vacation:

    18. These swollen eyes:

    19. This woman who has honestly had enough:

    20. This woman who had an allergic reaction THE NIGHT BEFORE HER WEDDING DAY:

    21. This woman who just wanted to dye her eyelashes:

    22. This full-body hive suit:

    23. This horrifying reaction:

    24. This woman who had a "Get Out of Work Free" card:

    25. This brutal bee sting:

    26. This woman who just wanted to practice self-care:

    27. This woman who should probably stay away from Cuba:

    28. And this verrrrrry swollen lip:

    Does your own allergic reaction top any of these? Drop a pic of it in the comments below and tell us what happened!