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Show Us The Worst Allergic Reaction You've Gotten

Some allergies are impossible to hide.

Allergies are no joke.

And sometimes allergic reactions can cause ~pretty noticeable~ symptoms on the face and body.

Like this girl, who is very allergic to poison ivy and also got it on her eyes.

Or this guy... whose allergy to hair dye caused his head to literally blow up like a balloon.


Or this guy, who found out he was allergic to bees the hard way.

Bottom line: allergies suck, especially when you can't hide them.

So show us the most insane, unbelievable, or strangely-placed allergic reactions you've gotten on your face or body.

Submit your photo using the DropBox below, and include some details about how it happened and your specific allergy.

If you're having trouble with uploading your photo, email it it caroline.kee@buzzfeed.com with the subject line "Allergic Reaction Submission."

Your allergic reaction photo and story might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!