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Which Scary Movie Moments Are Actually Really Clever?

Basically all of Get Out, tbh.

If you're anything like me, then you're probably spending all of your free time in October watching scary movies.

Regina Hall's character watching a scary movie in a theater in "Scary Movie"

So that got me thinking: which scary movie moments were so smart, they literally made you think, "Wow, the writers of this are so clever."

Malcolm arriving late to dinner at the fancy restaurant, then Anna leaving him at the table

Maybe on your fourth viewing of Get Out, you realized a hidden detail that your friends never noticed before, and it actually made your jaw drop.

Georgina staring at her reflection in her bedroom window, and Walter running towards Chris with his hat on

Perhaps there was really specific dialogue that you originally thought was a throwaway line, but then you learned how important it was later on, and it was actually pretty genius.

Casey, hiding in her house, on the phone with the killer

Or maybe you watched Hereditary and noticed that the movie in the background of the party featured a scene with a guillotine, foreshadowing Charlie's unexpected decapitation.

Whichever clever scene, quote, or moment you're thinking of, we want to hear it! Use the comments below to tell us which scary movie moments were so smart, you're genuinely impressed someone thought of them!

Dani's clothes getting more colorful in "Midsommar"

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!