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What's The Best Sex Toy In The World?


Everyone deserves a little ~me~ time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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But when your fingers, a hand, a mouth, and even a penis just aren't enough to do the trick, it can be helpful to check out some sex toys.

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Maybe you discovered the perfect vibrator that really gets you going, like Ohmibod's Freestyle.

Get it on Amazon here for $29.

Perhaps you started masturbating with a Fleshlight to build up your stamina and increase the sensations your hands just don't provide.

Get it on Amazon here for $59.95.

Or maybe you found a life-changing cream, like "O" Couples' Enhancement Cream, or lube, like J-Lube, that make orgasming even better.

Get the "O" Vanilla Frosting Enhancement Cream from Pure Romance here for $20, and get a tube of J-Lube on Amazon here for $16.15.

Help us help others. Tell us your favorite sex toy via the DropBox below (and why it's so great), and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!