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What's Your Favorite Movie Scene From The Old Hollywood Era?

You've got 50 years of movie magic to choose from.

If you're a movie lover like me, then you definitely have a few favorite scenes throughout the history of cinema.

Rita Moreno in that iconic purple dress in "West Side Story"
United Artists

Rita Moreno singing "America" in West Side Story will always be iconic, tbh.

But what are your favorite scenes from the Old Hollywood era? You know, movies that were made from 1920–1969.

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Sidney Poitier responding to the racist cop in In the Heat of the Night is easily one of the best scenes, in my opinion.

Maybe your favorite scene is when Baxter uncovers the truth about Fran at their office Christmas party in The Apartment.

Fran in Baxter's office in "The Apartment"
United Artists

The broken mirror! The heartbreak! This is when everything starts to unravel, and it's absolutely perfect.

Perhaps there's a specific Hitchcock scene that gives you goosebumps every time, and you think it deserves to be on every best-of list.

Mrs. Bates's skeleton being uncovered at the end of "Pyscho"
Paramount Pictures

Full. Body. Chills. The ending of Psycho is wildddddd.

Or maybe there's another scene on your mind that's just so iconic, it's the epitome of "Best Movie Scene Ever."

Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain

Movie musicals were SO big during the Old Hollywood era, and Singin' in the Rain was perfection.

Let's bask in movie greatness. In the comments below, tell us your absolute favorite movie scenes from Old Hollywood, and make sure you tell us why they're so great!

Homer's family looking at the metal hooks he now has as hands
RKO Radio Pictures

I will always get emotional when Homer returns home from war and everyone sees that he lost his hands in The Best Years of Our Lives.

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!