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    17 Real Weight Loss Tips From People Who Lost 40+ Pounds

    Real tips, real people, and real results that'll help you with your 2020 resolutions.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the best tips that helped them on their weight loss journeys. Everyone's experiences and bodies are different, but here's what worked for them.

    1. Don't feel like you need to do a complete overhaul when you get started. Try making small changes at first, and then go from there.

    2. Give up soda, and stop drinking your calories.

    3. Don't think of your fitness journey as a "diet." Diets imply that you're limiting your body, so try to think of this as a lifestyle change.

    4. Find something in your life that'll inspire you to be more active, like this woman who got a dog.

    5. Walk. Everywhere.

    6. Delete all of those photo-editing apps from your phone and computer.

    7. Focus on and celebrate smaller victories that aren't strictly about the number of pounds you've lost.

    8. Teach yourself about serving sizes, food habits, and calories.

    9. Write a brutally honest letter to yourself about why you want to make a change.

    10. Make working out an activity you can do with someone else, as a way to keep each other motivated.

    11. Commit to doing something for a shorter period of time (like 30, 60, or 90 days) instead of looking at this as a never-ending journey. As a result, tackling your nutrition and fitness may be less intimidating.

    12. Post about your journey online so other people can follow along and help hold you accountable.

    13. Understand that it's difficult to change your outside without looking in, so try to identify how and why you feel a certain way.

    14. Try to find new activities and habits that will actually make working out enjoyable and fun for you, rather than a chore.

    15. Instead of setting unrealistic lifestyle goals for yourself, focus on making achievable lifestyle changes.

    16. Don't feel forced to cook every single meal, and understand that it's still okay to eat at your favorite restaurants.

    17. And most importantly, understand that there's no quick fix. This journey will be a process that requires patience and consistency.

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.