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32 Pictures That'll Make You Laugh And Maybe Even Cry

Trust me.

1. This hilarious Halloween prank:

2. This perfectly timed photo:

3. These patient parents:

4. This unexpected Christmas present:

5. This magical plant:

6. This sneaky mom:

7. This fake spider:

8. This incredible trick:

9. This so-called pizza:

10. This edible art:

11. This game of hide-and-seek:

12. This next-level Christmas tree:

13. This forgetful dad:

14. This punny mom:

15. This nostalgic school picture:

16. This unfortunate dog:

17. This beautiful memorial service:

18. This happy pup:

19. This badass mom:

20. This little girl's least favorite Halloween:

21. This life goal:

22. These headless snakes:

23. This scary costume:

24. This law-abiding citizen:

25. This life-changing beauty product:

26. This Freddy Krueger look-alike:

27. This cute reminder that you're still single:

28. This satisfied pet:

29. This real-life Pixar character:

30. This girl who's definitely going places:

31. This good boy:

32. And the smartest person in the world:

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