This New Theory About “Toy Story” Will Blow Your Mind

Grab some tissues and prepare to cry, folks. Via Jon Negroni.

1. In his most recent Pixar theory, Jon Negroni makes a very convincing case about the true identity of Andy’s mom from the Toy Story series.


Note: This theory was created by the same person who determined that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe.

2. He begins by questioning why Andy’s hat is so different from Woody’s, since Andy is obviously influenced by him.


3. This brings us back to Toy Story 2 when Al the Toy Collector wanted to buy Woody at the yard sale. Andy’s mom claims that Woody is “an old family toy.”

Pixar / Via youtube.com

4. But how old is he? We know that Woody is a collector’s toy from the 1950s, and he has no recollection of this or of any previous owners.

Pixar / Via giphy.com

5. It’s suggested that Woody doesn’t remember any of this because “he’s been in Andy’s family for a long time, possibly belonging to his father.”


Which totally makes sense, because Woody has repressed the memories created with Andy’s father after his untimely death.

6. Looking more closely at Andy’s hat will provide an answer, since it’s nearly identical to Jessie’s.


Notice the band around Jessie’s hat (left) and the faded area where it previously was on Andy’s (right).

7. But why Jessie? It’s important to remember that Jessie’s owner, Emily, left her.


8. Now take a look at Emily’s room. The hat on her bed looks strikingly similar to Andy’s hat.


9. The psychedelic decor and record player indicate that Emily grew up in the ’60s and ’70s.


10. Notice that Emily never places the large hat in the donations box. So, it’s assumed that she kept it.

Pixar / Via youtube.com

11. And we never get a good look at Emily’s face…




12. But we do know that she has auburn hair.



13. Which means…Emily could’ve grown up to be Andy’s mom!


14. And the reason why Andy’s mom, whose first name is never mentioned, doesn’t react to seeing Andy play with her childhood toy is because she’s indifferent toward Jessie.


As evidenced by the fact that she gave her up.

“How would you respond if you saw your child with a toy that looked like one that you had as a kid? Your first assumption probably wouldn’t be that they’re the exact same toy,” Negroni notes.

15. So that would mean, by a twist of fate, Jessie was returned to the family of her original owner!


Pixar has not yet responded to BuzzFeed’s request for comment on Negroni’s theory.

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