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What's Your Funniest Poop Horror Story?

We all have one.

Everybody poops.

Harold and Kumar making cringey faces in the bathroom

And, unfortunately, we all have some terrible (and hilarious?) diarrhea experiences every once in a while.

Melissa McCarthy pooping in the toilet in "Bridesmaids"

Maybe you pulled a Bridesmaids and, while trying on wedding dresses, you suddenly started pooping all over the place because of some hard-hitting food poisoning.

Perhaps you were in the middle of taking an exam at school, and your butt randomly produced a waterfall of liquid poop in front of everyone.

Spider-Man making a cringey face while trying to save a subway car

Or maybe you were having some naked time with a date and decided to take a chance on a fart, but you accidentally pooped on them.

Someone holding onto the sides of a restroom so they can brace for their diarrhea

Everyone has at least one poop horror story that they can look back on and laugh, so use the comments below to tell us yours!

Someone struggling in the bathroom

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!