21 Subtly Infuriating Things That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity


1. When people use the “10 items or less” line but clearly have more than 10 items.

2. When someone eats the food you were saving for yourself in the fridge.

3. When slow walkers take up the whole sidewalk.

20th Century Fox / Via theownerofthewhitesedan.tumblr.com

4. Even worse: when people cut in line.

5. And when they pronounce “Espresso” like “Expresso.”

Warner Bros. / Via wagerminds.com

6. Same with “especially” and “expecially.”

7. When their messages are littered with grammatical errors.

8. Speaking of littering… when they litter.

Warner Bros. Television / Via gifstumblr.com

9. Or when they chew with their mouth open.

Columbia Pictures / Via college-social.com

10. When someone calls you on the phone instead of texting.

11. If someone doesn’t hold the door open for you, EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE RIGHT BEHIND THEM.

BBC / Via giphy.com

12. When people don’t use their turn signal.

Nickelodeon / Via goodreads.com

13. When people take up an unnecessary amount of space on public transportation.

14. Same with parking spots.

15. When people don’t hold the elevator doors for you.

HBO / Via hollywood.com

16. When people don’t have their credit cards ready when it’s their turn to buy something.

17. When people have their music so loud that you can hear it over your own.

18. When people talk or text in the movie theater.

Warner Bros. / Via thecircleofsquares.com

19. When they don’t cover their mouths while sneezing or coughing.

20. When strangers try to tell you their whole life story on airplanes when you clearly don’t want to converse.

Universal Pictures / Via thatscoop.com

21. And worst of all, when you go to someone’s house and the toilet paper is flipped UNDER, not over.

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