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Show Us Your Hot Grandparents When They Were Younger

We've all got 'em!

There's something kind of fascinating about uncovering photos of your grandparents when they were younger.

Like, you're getting an intimate glimpse into who they were as young adults, and that's just so cool.

And to be honest, maybe you found some old pics of your grandparents and thought, "Wow, I seriously won the gene pool lottery." If so, we want to see those pics!

Maybe you were going through family albums and found a picture of your then-25-year-old grandma, and she looked like an Old Hollywood movie star.

Perhaps you unearthed a photo of your grandpa that made you realize he deffffffinitely broke a few hearts when he was younger.

Or maybe your gorgeous grandparents who've been married for 60+ years were the best-looking kids in high school, and their looks still haven't changed to this day!

It's time to brag about your family genes. Use the DropBox below to submit your pics of your timelessly-hot grandparents when they were younger! Feel free to tell us about them, too!

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!