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The Story Behind This Viral “Handsome Grandpa" Photo Will Make You Love Him Even More

A picture worth a thousand thirsts.

Last week, Derek Schwendeman of Newark, Delaware, posted this photo of his grandfather Thomas Schwendeman to Reddit. The photo was taken right before he was deployed to Korea in 1952.

The photo went viral on Reddit, getting over 3 million views. Thousands of people commented on how handsome they thought Derek Schwendeman's grandfather was.

Well, likely to the disappointment of many, the war veteran has been happily married to his wife Fleecie for 67 years, Derek Schwendeman told BuzzFeed.

Thomas Schwendeman, who is now 86, lives in Pennsylvania and is still very much in love. He stays active with his wife and they enjoy bowling together, which is coincidently how they met all those years ago.

Good looks apparently run in the family, as both Derek Schwendeman and his father are also pretty easy on the eyes.

Derek Schwendeman said his grandmother told him that since they married young, her husband didn't have much of a chance to "sow his wild oats." She went on to say that "women fussed over him all of the time, but she got him first."

The octogenarian is amazed at all of the excitement over this single picture, his grandson said. Derek Schwendeman said his grandmother told him that her husband is very surprised at the attention, but she thinks he's secretly enjoying it.