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    19 Shocking "One In A Million" Stories That I Still Can't Believe Are Actually Real

    The story about how someone survived a "nonsurvivable" plane crash is WILD.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their real-life "one in a million" experiences, and some of them were genuinely jaw-dropping. Here are the wild results.

    Note: Some submissions are also from this Reddit thread because they're too good not to include. Enjoy!

    1. "I survived a 'nonsurvivable' plane crash. I was on an old Po-2 (famous for being very safe and uncrashable) on a tour of the desert in western China when I was 7. My father’s friend who piloted the plane didn’t survive, but somehow I got out with only a concussion. I apparently passed out for almost a day in the wreckage on the edge of the desert, 50 kilometers from the town/airport."

    Oprah looking shocked

    2. "I have the rarest type of synesthesia, which means I can actually taste words. It's called lexical-gustatory, and less than .2% of the population has it. I have to physically say the words out loud to taste them (so reading silently to myself won't do it). When I was younger, I'd always repeat words that tasted good in my head, and I'd avoid saying words that tasted bad."

    Oprah looking shocked

    3. "I was kidnapped while leaving work one day and was held captive for 18 months, along with two other girls. The guy who took us claimed himself to be an 'ineffable lower god,' and he used cult tactics, manipulation, and control to have us be his family."

    Oprah looking shocked

    4. "My father and I went to a casino for the first time. I had $50 in my pocket, with the intention of that being the only money we'd spend. We played roulette and quickly lost 45 bucks. As I had a $5 chip, I placed it on the number 5. The ball started spinning and actually landed on that number. We cheered. I decided to leave the whole bet on 5 again. Rinse and repeat. The ball fell on number 5 FOUR times in a row. We walked out with almost $43,000 in the bag after taxes. Never went in a casino again in my life."

    Oprah looking shocked with her jaw dropped

    5. "My mom has been struck by lightning. Twice. She was INSIDE her house both times and in two different houses!"

    Oprah looking intrigued

    6. "My now-husband was in a terrible car accident as a teen. He was found dead on the scene but was revived. His sister was the random EMT who was called, the defibrillator that was used to revive him was recently donated by the company his mom worked for, and a doctor who heard the car accident from his house and came to assist was the obstetrician who delivered him when he was born. So freaky."

    Oprah looking shocked with a fork in her hand

    7. "I'm allergic to the cold. Like, literally. I get intense hives and swelling, I pass out, and I throw up. It doesn’t even have to be freezing. If it's below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm without a jacket, I can’t do it. I have to carry an EpiPen with me in the event that I drink something too cold or have a severe reaction."

    Oprah looking sad with her hand to her mouth

    8. "My family and I live in Canada. When I was a child, we went to Disneyland, and I somehow got separated from my parents in the theme park. Panicked, I started to look around for them and couldn’t believe that our next-door neighbors (from Canada!) were sitting on the bench right in front of me!!! I was able to sit with them until my parents found me. Talk about a weird coincidence."

    Oprah crying

    9. "When my nana was just a teen, she escaped a Satanic cult and rescued four teen girls who'd been kidnapped and were being hidden in the attic."

    Oprah looking comforting

    10. "Way back in college, my car got stolen. It was a crappy, bright-green Ford Pinto (yeah, that far back), but it was mine, and I needed it for classes and for getting to work. Later that day, a friend gave me a ride to the police station to file a report. We stopped at a light, and my Pinto pulled up right next to us! My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief, and when the light changed, we followed the car."

    Oprah looking amused and wearing glasses

    11. "My dad's cousin was an activist in the '80s against the neo-Nazis. One night he was in bed, but a family member had a bad feeling and decided to call him to see if he was okay. He got up to answer the phone, which was in the kitchen, and while he was on the call, a bomb went off in his bedroom. That phone call saved his life."

    Oprah crying with one arm raised

    12. "I was talking with a woman on Tinder while I was out of town for a baseball trip. When I asked for her number, she responded with my phone number but with a different area code. I thought maybe she Facebook-stalked me and got my phone number from there and was just messing with me, but nope. She had the same exact phone number as I had. What are the chances?!"

    Oprah with her mouth wide open and looking amazed

    13. "In college (1965-ish), my dad worked at a liquor store. He was supposed to work that Friday night, but his girlfriend (now-wife/my mom) insisted he take her to some event, so he switched shifts with a coworker. That night the store was robbed, and the guy who took my dad’s shift was shot five times and died. My dad has major survivor's guilt to this day and will rarely talk about it, but it’s so wild because if he had gone to work, I wouldn't be alive."

    Oprah looking stunned and saddened

    14. "I didn't meet my husband until we worked together just a few cubicles apart as adults. It turned out we actually grew up one street away from each other, only we hadn't met because he went to the public elementary school and I went to a private one. I'd trick-or-treated at his house and even rode my bike by it a million times as a kid, but we never knew each other."

    Oprah looking unsurprised

    15. "I worked in a contact center in Wisconsin, which had about 40 of us working at any given time. I was helping a woman place an order, and when I took down her address, I realized she lived in the same exact house I did when I was Texas...1,320 miles away."

    Oprah looking shocked

    16. "My husband was grilling outside and cut into the meat to check if it was done. The knife slipped out of his hand and hit the cement right on its rubber handle. The darn thing somehow bounced all the way back up, and the blade hit my husband in the eyeglasses."

    Oprah looking shocked with her hand over her eyes

    17. "I was cutting vegetables in my kitchen, and a fly was buzzing around my head, so I swung around with the knife in my hand and somehow managed to slice the fly clean in half."

    Oprah wearing glasses and looking mildly surprised

    18. "In 2016, my family and I went on a small excursion of fewer than 15 people to a village in Portugal called Nazaré. We ended up meeting and having lunch with a man who was on the excursion by himself. We parted ways when the bus dropped us off, and that was that. A year later, our family was traveling out of state in our country (Brazil). We were checking in at our hotel when I saw someone in line who looked awfully familiar. Well, it was the man from the excursion! We randomly met again, unplanned, on a whole different continent, a year later!"

    Oprah looking shocked with her fingers touching

    19. And finally, "I stuck my hand out the window for half a second to see if it was still raining, and a bird shat right on it. What the hell are the chances? Never doing that again."

    Oprah looking shocked with her hands cupping her forehead

    If you have your own "one in a million" story, share it in the comments below!