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25 Real-Life Family Secrets That Will Shock You To Your Core

"My aunt poisoned my grandma for her inheritance. Everyone in my family knows about it, but it's just not talked about."

Throughout the decade, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their biggest family secrets. Here are the wild results.

1. "My great-grandmother raised my grandfather as her own. A generous deed after having pushed his ACTUAL mother out a window, killing her."

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2. "I thought my stepfather had been awarded custody of me and my half-brother in 1990. I found out in 2015 he actually kidnapped us..."

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"He died in 2005, when I was 24, so he was never punished. We never understood what truly happened to us. My biological mom had been trying to find us for years. We finally got in contact with her."


3. "My great-grandfather was murdered in his sleep in a hotel room, and his body was set on fire. He was a gambler. We always thought the local casino got tired of him not paying his debts and murdered him..."


"Toward the end of my great-grandma’s life, she let it slip that she could lay her hands on the hammer that killed him right then if she wanted to. Now we don't know if his death was a local mob hit or if my great-grandma got tired of his drunk ass."


4. "My dad created a Ponzi scheme of sorts by claiming he created an invention that turned water into energy. He defrauded thousands of people out of their money..."


"When my dad ultimately went to prison, we believed it was just a mistake (not knowing where his money was really coming from), but a few months ago my mom revealed that he went to prison for a similar crime before I was born."

—Dallas Brady, Facebook

5. "My stepmother let it slip that my aunt and uncle were swingers for a long time. They ended up quitting after a guy dropped dead on top of my aunt in a motel during a nooner."



6. "After my parents divorced, my mom had a one-night stand with a guy and got pregnant, but she never told him about the baby. A year later, by sheer coincidence, my mom married that guy's brother and had a baby with him as well..."

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"I don’t think my mom has ever told my stepdad or his brother the truth, and she has sworn me to secrecy not to tell my brothers that they’re also cousins. Holidays are interesting."


7. "My dad told us that my great-grandfather trafficked weapons during Mexico's revolution. He had to run away and hide out in a very small town because the government was trying to kill him for helping the revolutionaries."


"He died when he was 112 years old, so he told my dad firsthand."


8. "My grandmother got pregnant at 16 and married the father before she had the baby. He died in a car crash shortly after her child was born, and my grandmother was comforted by his older brother. They ultimately got married and had two kids, so my dad’s sister is actually his cousin and his sister."


9. "My grandma got wasted and let it slip that my biological grandfather wasn’t actually my grandfather. My real grandfather was their married neighbor who ultimately wanted nothing to do with her after she got pregnant."

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10. "When my great-uncle died in the '90s, my family went through his stuff before selling the house. They found a very decomposed dead body of a woman in the basement freezer..."


"It turned out to be a woman who went 'missing' in the '60s. The woman also happened to be his girlfriend at the time. Newspaper clippings showed that her family thought she ran away to Europe and my great-uncle had 'confirmed' that she did. My family still refuses to talk about it."


11. "My dad faked his own death in an attempt to get back at my mom for cheating on him..."

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"He had a note posted outside the bedroom door that said, 'Don't let Karsten (me) in.' My mom walked in and immediately began screaming. I ran to her and saw nothing but blood (which turned out to be fake), my dad, and a shotgun. We ran and called the cops. My dad didn't even disappear or anything. He only did it to give my mom the feeling he felt when he found out she was cheating on him."


12. "When we were teenagers, my brother and I found out that we might not be our dad's biological kids because my mom had an affair... with our dad's brother."

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13. "My grandma’s infant sister went missing in the early '30s. Her father was highly abusive and was convinced that my great-grandma was unfaithful, so he believed the baby wasn’t his. My grandma was sent away to a girls camp for the summer, and when she came back her sister was gone..."

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"Her parents never talked about it while she was growing up, but her mother always cried whenever she was brought up. After her father died, her mother, in old age, would speak of Baby K, but never really said what happened. The way she spoke of the baby made it pretty clear that she was dead. We think he killed the baby out of anger and spite."


14. "My great-grandfather’s second wife had an affair... with her stepson."


15. "My aunt mysteriously disappeared before I was born. Her car was found running and her purse was still inside, parked off the side of the road. No one knows what happened to her. They didn’t even fill out a missing person's report. It’s as if she 'ran away.' We’ve not seen or heard from her ever since. There’s a possibility it was murder, but my family is very hush-hush about the whole situation."

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—Mariah Thomas, Facebook

16. "My father had an affair with his brother's wife, and she got pregnant. So I guess my cousin is also my brother. My grandma let that slip while wasted. My cousin doesn't know."

17. "After my uncle died, we discovered that he had a second wife who he spent most of his time with. Literally no one on either side knew this for over 25 years..."


"He also purchased the same prefab house, same furniture, and same everything for each of his wives so their houses mirrored each other (and probably helped him to keep his story straight)."


18. "My grandma had an affair and got pregnant, so my grandfather got back at her by sleeping with the wife of the guy she had an affair with. Because of this, my uncle is technically only my half-uncle."

19. "My aunt poisoned my grandma for her inheritance. Everyone in my family knows about it, but it's just not talked about."


20. "I found out by accident via a 23andMe DNA test that I'm not my dad's biological child. Apparently my parents broke up for a few months years ago, and my mom got pregnant. She didn't find out she was pregnant until she was back together with my dad, so she decided not to say anything."

The Ellen Show / EllenTube

21. "My real mom died of a heroin overdose after she gave birth to me. My dad got remarried to my stepmother and told me she was my real mom."

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22. "My grandfather was dating a woman who had an identical twin. Her twin got pregnant and the man left her, so my grandfather decided to marry his girlfriend's twin and raise the child as his own..."

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"They had more children together, including my father. The secret was kept for decades."


23. "My cousin is secretly a porn star. No, I won’t say who. Yes, I found out that way, by stumbling across her in a video."

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24. "My uncle accidentally killed a fellow soldier while in Vietnam..."

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"He was strung out and paranoid while on watch, and when he was spooked by the soldier who came to replace him, my uncle stabbed him to death. He served a few years in military prison. I'm fairly certain my aunts and uncles (his brothers and sisters) know, but none of us kids were ever supposed to find out.

I love my uncle very much. He's retired now and spends a decent portion of his time volunteering to help other veterans. Finding this out didn't change my opinion of him at all, it just helped me understand the horrors those poor soldiers had to go through in that war that warped their minds forever."


25. "My great-great-aunt hid Jews in her apartment in Denmark during WWII. One of her neighbors saw a man in her apartment through the window and asked her about it. She knew she'd be killed if people caught her hiding Jews, so she said it was her boyfriend..."

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"At the time, a woman having a man over was scandalous, so all of her neighbors thought she was a whore, and her reputation was ruined. Still, she lived through the whole war and helped a lot of people!"


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