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What's Your Family's Biggest Secret?

Every family's got one.

Every family has secrets, but some family’s secrets are juicier than others.

Flying Colours Ltd / Via ThinkStock

For example, you might've learned later in life that you have a sibling somewhere in the world you didn’t know about.


Or maybe you have a family member who — lowers voice — is in the mafia or organized crime?


(Only tell us if you won't end up wearing concrete shoes.)

Does your family have a secret like Eric Clapton’s family? For years the guitar hero was told that his mother was his sister and his grandmother was his mother. / Via Creative Commons

Jack Nicholson also thought his mother was his sister (and only found out the truth after she died).

Or maybe you're thinking, "Pfft. My family’s secret is WAY crazier than any of that!”


If so, let us know: What's your family's biggest secret?


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