17 Cringey "Roommate From Hell" Stories That'll Actually Make Your Jaw Drop

    "My roommate came home drunk and peed on the stove, so every time we cooked it smelled like warm piss."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst experiences they've ever had with roommates. Here are the horrifying results.

    1. "I had a flatmate who used to pee and poop in pots in her room, despite the fact that we had two bathrooms. It made the whole apartment smell so bad. I even saw her try to clean the nasty pots in the kitchen sink once."

    2. "One time my college roommate sat up in bed, turned to me, and projectile vomited from her bed onto mine, where I was lying. I was covered in throw-up. She then puked all over our carpet and refused to clean it up, so I had to."

    3. "When I moved into my college dorm, my new roommate told me not to eat any fruit from the fridge because it was her 'cooch fruit' and was only for her boyfriend to eat...out of her vagina."

    4. "It was freshman year of college and my roommate came home wasted and wet the bed. Unfortunately she had the top bunk, so I got peed on."

    5. "My ex-roommate wasn't very clean, so one time my other roommate and I changed her bed for her. There were literally dead roaches in her sheets."

    6. "I had a college roommate who, no lie, tried to breed guinea pigs under her bed."

    7. "I once had a roommate who 'accidentally' left her journal open on her bed. I got a glimpse of the open pages, which were covered in stick figure drawings of her murdering me. I moved out a week later."

    8. "I came home from class, and my roommate had accidentally spilled bleach on our carpet. She told me not to worry because she 'painted over it with brown paint and you can't even tell.' I’m not kidding. She literally painted our carpet brown."

    9. "I lived with a girl who'd have guys pee on her in the shower. I'm not one to kink-shame, but they'd often ~finish~ in the tub. This always blocked our drain, so when I showered the bath would slowly fill with miscellaneous bodily fluids."

    10. "In college my roommate pooped in the hallway and smeared it on the walls and on our bathroom sink. The worst part? This happened more than once."

    11. "My college roommate was so messy that she slept in a sleeping bag on the floor because she couldn't get to her bed. I didn't find out until months later, but because her room was so messy she'd have sex in MY bed."

    12. "One day, I noticed my roommate had something hanging on a keychain from her backpack. I looked closer and saw it was a hand-sized voodoo doll...of me."

    13. "I had a roommate who came home drunk and peed on the stove, so every time we cooked something it smelled like warm piss."

    14. "I got home one night and saw that my bedroom door was closed, which was odd. I opened the door and saw my roommate jerking off to porn in MY BED. He wasn’t even fazed. He just walked out like nothing happened."

    15. "I shared a room with four other dudes. One of the guys was always naked, and when he got drunk he'd usually pee in the fridge, in his closet, or against the windows for some mad reason."

    16. "One time my roommate and I got into a little disagreement about dirty dishes, so she dumped the freshly-used cat litter box onto my bed."

    17. And "I once realized my roommate was using the toilet sponge to clean our dishes. When I told him it was for cleaning the toilet, he just shrugged and kept going."