23 Healthy Power Snacks That Actually Taste Good

    Easy and healthy snacks that actually taste good.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite healthy power snacks. Here are the must-try results.

    1. Blueberry breakfast parfait pops:

    2. Zucchini pizza bites:

    3. Peanut butter banana energy bites:

    4. Roasted edamame and almond snack mix:

    5. Raw chocolate avocado pudding:

    6. Japanese cucumber salad:

    7. Avocado slices with seasoning:

    8. Healthy oatmeal banana cookies:

    9. Greek yogurt veggie dip:

    10. Peanut butter, banana, and rice cakes:

    11. Baked apple chips with cinnamon:

    12. Oatmeal cookie banana "nice" cream:

    13. Egg white and oatmeal pancakes:

    14. No-bake peanut butter and chocolate granola bars:

    15. Easy 10-minute chili lime almonds:

    16. Peanut butter apple nachos:

    17. Smoked salmon and cucumber bites:

    18. Strawberry cheesecake yogurt parfait:

    19. Cinnamon bun air-popped popcorn:

    20. Apple sandwiches with almond butter and granola:

    21. Frozen Greek yogurt-covered blueberries:

    22. Baked salami chips:

    23. And healthy five-minute avocado toast:

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