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    19 Reasons Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Phones

    Parents just don't understand.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tweet us the funniest text they've ever received from their parents.

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    Here are the hilarious responses.

    1. This dad's very first "tex."

    2. This dad who knows the REAL colors of #TheDress.

    3. This mom who is so fetch.

    4. This dad who has no idea what he's doing.

    5. This mom who needs to keep things to herself.

    6. This dad who knows about the finer things in life.

    7. This mother who has all the WRONG answers.

    8. This dad who accidentally sexted his daughter.

    9. This ~swaggie~ dad.

    10. ThiS rEAlly tRoUBleD mOm.

    11. This king of dad jokes.

    12. This mom who needs to give Siri a break.

    Submitted by wornwhite.

    13. This dad who's totally ~down to funk.~

    14. This dad who's new to smartphones.

    15. This dad who writes texts like emails.

    16. This mom who's too hip for her own good.

    17. This parent who's down with the lingo.

    18. This mom who can't be bothered with useless information.

    19. And the ultimate dad.

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