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25 Of The Most Beautiful College Campuses In The World

Because not everyone can attend Hogwarts.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which college campuses are the most stunning. Here are the beautiful results.

1. Berry College

Where: Mount Berry, Georgia

–Sherri Kirkland, Facebook

2. Flagler College

Where: St. Augustine, Florida

–Aaron Clark, Facebook

3. University of Cape Town

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

–Shelby Labuschagne, Facebook

4. Stanford University

Where: Stanford, California

–Samantha Clarke, Facebook

5. Iowa State University

Where: Ames, Iowa

–Alexandra Klus, Facebook

6. Trinity College, Dublin

Where: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

–Anne Marie Walker, Facebook

7. Monmouth University

8. Elon University

Where: Elon, North Carolina

–Ilana Morgan Spiegel, Facebook

9. Royal Roads University

Where: Victoria, British Columbia

–Maggie McDonald, Facebook

10. University of Edinburgh

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland


11. The University of Queensland

Where: Brisbane, Queensland


12. Johns Hopkins University

Where: Baltimore, Maryland


13. The University of Pennsylvania

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


14. University of Otago

Where: Dunedin, New Zealand


15. Brown University

Where: Providence, Rhode Island

–Julia Cahill, Facebook

16. Colorado State University

Where: Fort Collins, Colorado


17. University of Michigan

Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan


18. University of Coimbra

Where: Coimbra, Portugal


19. Furman University

Where: Greenville, South Carolina


20. College of Charleston

Where: Charleston, South Carolina


21. University of Glasgow

22. University of British Columbia

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia


23. Yonsei University

Where: Seoul, South Korea


24. Columbia University

Where: New York City, New York


25. University of Sydney

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