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    Dec 23, 2014

    26 Of The Most Dad Gifts Dads Have Ever Given For Christmas

    Enough with the tape and staplers, dads.

    The BuzzFeed Community recently asked its Twitter followers for the most dad gift their dads have ever given them for Christmas.

    Want to be featured on BuzzFeed? Tell us the most dad gift your dad has ever given you for Christmas!

    BuzzFeed Community@BuzzFeedersFollow

    Want to be featured on BuzzFeed? Tell us the most dad gift your dad has ever given you for Christmas!

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    Here are the painful results.

    Warner Bros.

    1. "A box. Inside was a series of boxes. Finally, a small box with nothing in it but a single Brussels sprout."

    Submitted by The_Wee_Bear.

    2. "Reams of paper."

    Submitted by meee-shell.

    3. "A picture of himself, wearing a shirt with a picture of himself on it."

    Submitted by AshlynnBee.


    4. "Pencils with my name on them... spelled incorrectly."

    Submitted by SuzeFigs.

    5. "A book about investing."

    Submitted by lou_5.

    6. "Two bags of mixed nuts, presented to me in Ziploc bags."

    Submitted by anjapatel.

    7. "A paper weight."

    Submitted by radideas.

    New Line Cinema

    8. "An iPhone case. Inside was gingerbread mix."

    Submitted by Kelsey_Rodich.

    9. "Pepper spray."

    Submitted by CarmarSuperstar.

    10. "A $35 space pen. To write in space. Where I go often, apparently."

    Submitted by soddyolive.

    11. "A book about puberty."

    Submitted by PmvProd.

    12. "The lamp that he got for his own birthday."

    Submitted by ConnorIrvin.


    13. "$100 in loose change in a Folgers Coffee can."

    Submitted by ryanthonyfoster.

    14. "An orange."

    Submitted by michellerompel.

    15. "Pepper spray and some car wash certificates."

    Submitted by KierstenOlsen.

    16. "File folders."

    Submitted by AbbyWavery.

    17. "A free Taylor Swift air freshener from a magazine."

    Submitted by jsubjack.

    20th Century Fox

    18. "Glow-in-the-dark drum sticks. I don't play the drums."

    Submitted by talktotippers.

    19. "A battery-making kit."

    Submitted by Vitagraph.

    20. "An out-of-date Guinness World Records book."

    Submitted by _triciamurphy.

    21. "A NERF gun so that being unarmed wasn't a valid excuse to complain when he shot me."

    Submitted by niccapanggat.

    Columbia Pictures

    22. "A flashlight and batteries."

    Submitted by arianna_lauren.

    23. "He gave me $50 and said 'save yourself for Jesus and wait for marriage.'"

    Submitted by Tarraf95.

    24. "Tape and a stapler."

    Submitted by SpencerAlthouse.

    25. "A handwritten note that said 'Merry Christmas! Here's $40,' without the $40."

    Submitted by raveparty2292.

    26. "A shirt that says 'virgins have fun too.'"

    Submitted by JennLorrain.

    Universal Pictures

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