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50 Of The Funniest Cooking Fails From The Last 10 Years

These make me feel a little better about myself, tbh.

Throughout the years, we've asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best (or worst?) cooking and baking fails. Here are the hilarious results.

1. This My Little Pony disaster:

2. These plasticky chicken nuggets:

3. These "squirrel" cookies:

4. These wannabe Oreo churros:

5. These sad little ninjas:

6. This horrifying SpongeBob look:

7. These lackluster chocolate chip cookies:

8. This terrifying hot dog mummy:

9. These runny frosting-filled cookies:

10. This person who really just wanted some garlic bread:

11. This half-hearted Frozen cake:

12. These deflated Christmas cookies:

13. These giant, fluffy, burnt pancakes:

14. These chocolaty pigs:

15. These less-than-perfect cookie bowls:

16. This crumbling TARDIS cake:

17. This simple vanilla cake:

18. These spooky Halloween-themed olive spiders:

19. This batch of homemade caramel gone wrong:

20. This baked Alaska that should be banned from all 50 states:

21. These scary deviled egg chicks:

22. This sugary mess:

23. This rainbow disaster:

24. This simple cup of (burnt) noodles:

25. The ultimate vodka-soaked gummy bear:

26. This rock-hard sheet of brownies:

27. This collapsed wedding cake:

28. These rainbow heart fails:

29. These inedible jello worms:

30. This man overboard:

31. This explosive pecan banana bread:

32. The end of the world:

33. Whatever the heck this is:

34. This ~slightly~ overcooked pasta:

35. This Christmas tree with zero Christmas spirit:

36. This face cake that had absolutely no chance:

37. This dinosaur nightmare:

38. This Angry Birds cake that somehow looks like cheese:

39. This exploding mug cake:

40. These extra-crispy french fries:

41. These wannabe macarons:

42. This deflated cake:

43. These mummy brownies:

44. These unicorns from hell:

45. This Christmassy cry for help:

46. This burnt blondie:

47. This unfortunate store-bought pizza:

48. These melting polar bears:

49. This depressing frosting job:

50. And this person who literally just wanted tea:

Think you have a better (or worse?) cooking fail? Upload it via the comments below!