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50 Of The Funniest Cooking Fails From The Last 10 Years

These make me feel a little better about myself, tbh.

Throughout the years, we've asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best (or worst?) cooking and baking fails. Here are the hilarious results.

1. This My Little Pony disaster:,

“I think it’s safe to say that I'll just buy my daughter’s next birthday cake.”


2. These plasticky chicken nuggets:

“I didn’t realize the plastic tray I used was definitely not oven-safe.”


3. These "squirrel" cookies:,

"This is from the time my mom insisted I make squirrels out of expired cut-and-bake Pillsbury dough."


4. These wannabe Oreo churros:, Ellie Cheesman

"My friend and I attempted to make Oreo churros. They ended up looking like cat poop rolled in sand."

—Ellie Cheesman, Facebook

5. These sad little ninjas:

6. This horrifying SpongeBob look:

Instagram: @tam.jade / Danielle Larkin

"The thing nightmares are made of."

—Danielle Larkin, Facebook

7. These lackluster chocolate chip cookies: /

"We forgot to add the flour ingredients to our cookies. We had everything sifted and ready to go, but we forgot to combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients! Don't ask me how, considering both my friend and I bake quite frequently and we were following a recipe that we had successfully made before."


8. This terrifying hot dog mummy:, Haili Friedrich

"This was my worst Halloween Pinterest fail."

—Haili Friedrich, Facebook

9. These runny frosting-filled cookies:,

“I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…”


10. This person who really just wanted some garlic bread: /

"My garlic bread??‍?"


11. This half-hearted Frozen cake:,

“Pinterest fail on a Frozen-themed birthday cake for my daughter. I gave up and called a bakery. Not pictured: $80 in baking and decorating supplies.”


12. These deflated Christmas cookies: / Julie Ann

"That's my Pinterest fail."

—Julie Ann, Facebook

13. These giant, fluffy, burnt pancakes:,

“We tried making those giant, fluffy pancakes with a rice cooker that we kept seeing on Pinterest. The edges became *slightly* burnt…”


14. These chocolaty pigs: /

“I had to write ‘pigs’ on it because it was not clear that these were pigs.”


15. These less-than-perfect cookie bowls: /

"Once I tried to make those Pinterest-famous cookie bowls for ice cream. Something went terribly wrong. My friends still make fun of me for this! The worst part was that I actually went to school for baking and pastry for a year."


16. This crumbling TARDIS cake:,

"My sister and I had been watching Cake Boss and decided we could handle making a TARDIS cake for the Doctor Who anniversary. It started melting almost instantly."


17. This simple vanilla cake:,

"I tried to make this cake from a recipe I had never done before. It was the worst thing I ever made. The frosting was also too thick, so I couldn't spread it on the crumbled cake. I cried after I frosted it, but now when I see the cake I can't help but laugh."


18. These spooky Halloween-themed olive spiders: / Haili Friedrich

"I spent waaaay too much time arranging those darn spiders."

—Haili Friedrich, Facebook

19. This batch of homemade caramel gone wrong: /

"Tried to make a quadruple batch of caramel in what I thought was a big enough pan. Turned my back for one second and sentenced myself to an hour of painstaking (and very sticky) cleanup."


20. This baked Alaska that should be banned from all 50 states:

Getty Images /

"My siblings and I have a tradition on birthdays where the other three secretly make a layer each and bring it all together at the last moment. This one had a sponge on bottom, topped with a baked Alaska, then a jelly pond. It didn’t quite work out!"


21. These scary deviled egg chicks:, Leah Rullman

“My mom tried to make deviled egg chicks for Easter, but they turned out very wrong.”

—Leah Rullman

22. This sugary mess:

“It takes talent to make a Pinterest-inspired cupcake turn out like what was made on the right. It was actually still raw, even after accidentally cooking it for 10 extra minutes, although it did explode everywhere.”


23. This rainbow disaster:,

“Erm… Happy birthday, Mom… Sorry?”


24. This simple cup of (burnt) noodles: /

"I was in a hurry and forgot to put water in my cup. The apartment smelled like charred Styrofoam for days."


25. The ultimate vodka-soaked gummy bear:,

“Vodka gummy bears! Oops.”


26. This rock-hard sheet of brownies: /

"He still loves me, despite my nonexistent baking skills. At least I greased that pan really well."


27. This collapsed wedding cake: /

"I made this for my brother’s wedding. It was supposed to be the wedding cake, but I was asked to do it with barely two days' notice. I was given a Pinterest picture that the bride wanted me to copy. I worked my butt off and got it done with 20 minutes to get dressed before I had to leave. The cake collapsed about 10 minutes into the trip there. It tasted awesome, but the bride was so pissed at me that she never even acknowledged me or the cake."


28. These rainbow heart fails:

“My girlfriend and I tried to make rainbow heart cookies. That failed, so we told people they were awkward Pride flag cookies. Oops.”


29. These inedible jello worms:,

“My mom tried making those jello worms you see on Pinterest. It did not go very well.”


30. This man overboard:,

"I found a cheesy chicken and rice recipe on Pinterest that sounded amazing. I was so excited to try it, but when I took the pan out of the oven, I promptly dropped it back into the oven, spilling all of the cheesy deliciousness."


31. This explosive pecan banana bread:,

“Oh, what a calamity! Premium organic ingredients, costly pecans, and my banana bread went ~kaboom~! What an expensive waste of time.”


32. The end of the world:,

“Throwback to when a friend and I tried to make a seven-layered ‘Earth’ cake for extra credit in a science class. The best part was it collapsing before we even got to turn it in as ‘It's the End of the World as We Know It’ played on the radio.”


33. Whatever the heck this is:,

“Here are my chocolate chip cookies. The 5-year-old I was making them with was more mature about this fail than I was.”


34. This ~slightly~ overcooked pasta: /

"Almost burned down the apartment."


35. This Christmas tree with zero Christmas spirit: /

“I had hoped a few colored ball bearings would save my Christmas tree cupcakes. Alas, it just made them look even sadder.”


36. This face cake that had absolutely no chance:,

“Usually my grandma makes great cakes, but she couldn’t find a lot of the sweets to decorate and had to improvise. The red icing she used ran out as well. Safe to say it didn’t go well and my little cousins were horrified.”


37. This dinosaur nightmare:,

“My friends — who once set a pan of tinned tomatoes on fire, by the way — made this nightmare. It also tasted kinda awful.”


38. This Angry Birds cake that somehow looks like cheese: /

"Not angry. Slightly bewildered. But my son LOVED IT!"


39. This exploding mug cake:,

“I tried to make a mug cake ’cause they looked so fun. I’m not sure what went wrong here.”


40. These extra-crispy french fries:

Villagemoon / Getty Images,

“My stoned flatmate put these poor fries in the oven at 200ºC for an hour. RIP those fries.”


41. These wannabe macarons:,

"I tried. I really tried.”


42. This deflated cake:,

“I’m usually good, but this time my cake just gave up AFTER I frosted it.”


43. These mummy brownies: /

"They were supposed to be brownies that looked like mummies, but I don't even know what I ended up with."


44. These unicorns from hell: /

"My son had a unicorn-themed birthday party. Victory was ours!"


45. This Christmassy cry for help:

46. This burnt blondie:

47. This unfortunate store-bought pizza: / Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty

"A lovely pizza made by my boyfriend."

—Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty, Facebook

48. These melting polar bears: /

"My mum once tried to make cute polar bear cakes, and they ended up looking like melted Winnie the Poohs."


49. This depressing frosting job: /

"I was trying to make tri-colored frosted cupcakes. The frosting wouldn't come out of the tip and I had to mix the colors by hand with a spoon. The cupcakes ended up looking like they were topped with play dough. I tried to make it better with sprinkles, but that only made it worse."


50. And this person who literally just wanted tea:,

“I tried to make tea and ended up burning the pot.”


Think you have a better (or worse?) cooking fail? Upload it via the comments below!

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