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    18 Cake Fails That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    These people really need a new hobby.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their worst cake-baking fails. Here are some of the scariest cakes we've ever seen!

    1. This poor duck.

    "My mum and I tried to make the duck cake for my little brother’s 14th birthday. The shape was perfect the night before but then the icing made the cake soggy and it collapsed in on itself. We still laugh about it and affectionately named it 'Chip Lips.'"


    2. This pony with a few problems.

    "I think it’s safe to say, I will just buy my daughter’s next birthday cake."


    3. This Angry Bird that looks more sad than mad.

    "Not angry. Slightly bewildered. But my son LOVED IT!"


    4. These poor excuses for polar bear cupcakes.

    "My mum once tried to make cute polar bear cakes and they ended up looking like melted Winnie the Poohs."


    5. This cake that's in a world of pain.

    "Throwback to when a friend and I tried to make a seven-layered 'Earth' cake for extra credit in a science class. The best part was it collapsing before we even got to turn it in as 'The End of World as We Know It' played on the radio."


    6. This chocolate cake catastrophe.

    "One of my first attempts at baking."


    7. This mess of a marble cake.

    "Never even had a chance."


    8. This Christmas tree cupcake with zero Christmas spirit.

    9. This pigs in mud cake that's a bigger mess than it sounds.

    10. This wedding cake we wished never happened.

    "I made this for my brother’s wedding. It was supposed to be the wedding cake, but I was asked to do it with barely two days' notice. I worked for hours on it, and was given a Pinterest picture the bride wanted. I worked my butt off though, got it done with 20 minutes to get dressed before I had to leave. The cake collapsed about 10 minutes into the trip there. It tasted awesome, but the bride was so pissed at me she didn’t even acknowledge me or the cake ever."


    11. This rainbow wreck.

    "Erm… happy birthday, Mom… Sorry?"


    12. This mousse cake that was a mistake from the beginning.

    "My mom made a homemade chocolate mousse cake for my birthday but I guess it didn’t like the Texas humidity… it had a whole other layer that fell off before she decorated it."


    13. This cake that needs one heck of a face-lift.

    "Usually my grandma makes great cakes but she couldn’t find a lot of the sweets to decorate so had to improvise. The red icing she used ran out as well. Safe to say it didn’t go well and my little cousins were horrified."


    14. This batch of really burnt blondies.



    15. This German chocolate cake that's ~almost~ there.

    "My sisters and I tried to make a German chocolate cake for Mother's Day one year. We got up super early and spent hours making this cake from scratch. When it was time to put it all together everything went downhill. The glaze started oozing all over the kitchen (see paper towels surrounding cake on right) and half of it collapsed! We followed the directions exactly as they were written and have no idea what went wrong! It still tasted good though!"


    16. This half-melted castle cake.

    "We used ice cream cones that promised structural integrity but failed to deliver. The project delivery team consisted of two architects and a teacher convinced that they could recreate the masterpieces of their youth...recipe for success!"

    – Carlie Daly (via Instagram)

    17. This dino disaster.

    "My friends Callam and Anya (who once set a pan of tinned tomatoes on fire btw) made this nightmare. It also tasted kinda awful."


    18. And this Baked Alaska that's seen better days.

    "My siblings and I have a tradition on birthdays where the other three secretly make a layer each and bring it all together at the last moment. This one had a sponge on bottom, topped with a baked Alaska then a jelly pond… didn’t quite work out!"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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