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    15 Tiiiiiiny Inconsistencies From "Boy Meets World" That Are Actually Really Annoying

    Remember when they replaced Morgan with a different actor halfway through the series?!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which inconsistencies from Boy Meets World annoyed them the most. Here are the infuriating results.

    1. When they randomly replaced the actor who played Morgan halfway through the series, as if no one would notice.

    Side-by-side of both actors who played Morgan

    "Not only did they change the actor in Season 3, but her entire personality changed as well. Morgan went from being so sassy and funny to the complete opposite. It was such a drastic change."


    2. When approximately 37 different actors played Topanga's parents, including Peter Tork from the Monkees and Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives.

    All the actors who played Topanga's parents

    "Her parents were always different. What was going on at her house?!"


    3. Also, her mom's name randomly changed from Chloe to Rhiannon.

    Topanga calling her parents by different names throughout the series

    "The inconsistencies with Topanga’s parents were wild. I can forgive casting new actors, but the fact that they changed them from 'Jedediah and Chloe' to 'Jedediah and Rhiannon' really annoyed me. I get that they wanted hippie points for using a Stevie Nicks song name, but true fans know that her mom's original name was Chloe."


    4. When the same room at John Adams High mysteriously changed from a closet, to Mr. Feeny's office, to a bathroom.

    SIde-by-sides of the door being named "custodian's room" and "principal's office"

    "In John Adams High, the door next to the lockers always led to a different room. Sometimes it was a bathroom, and other times it was Mr. Feeny's office?! I get that they needed to utilize the set space, but it was almost never the same room twice!"


    5. When Shawn had a bunch of full, step, and half siblings who disappeared of their own free will.

    Side-by-side of all of Shawn's siblings

    Half brother: Jack (played by Matthew Lawrence), had 6% body fat, became a series regular during the last few seasons of the show.

    Step-brother: Eddie (played by Maury Sterling), broke the expensive video camera Cory borrowed from the school, only appeared in one episode during Season 3.

    Full sister: Stacy (played by no one), helped advise Cory on how to straighten his hair, was never talked about again.


    6. When Eric's entire personality, character, and intelligence were sacrificed so he could become the show's village idiot.


    "Eric started out as Cory’s hot, semi-wise older brother who was a super cool and collected lady's man. Over the course of, like, one episode, he transformed into a complete buffoon. Don’t get me wrong...I love hiding-in-a-couch, plays-with-squirrels, FEE-HEE-HEENAY Eric, but seriously, what the hell happened?"


    7. And when Topanga changed from a freethinking, radical, hippie feminist to a "normal" teenager, just so she wouldn't come across as a weird love interest for Cory.

    Cory taking attendance in class and Topanga responding by moaning

    "I didn't like Topanga's complete personality shift in the earlier seasons. I imagined that when they realized she would be a main character as well as a love interest, they wanted to make her a bit less 'offbeat,' but the change was jarring."


    8. When Mr. Turner was in a life-threatening motorcycle crash and then never appeared on the show again, so we all just assumed he died.

    Mr. Turner lying in his hospital bed

    "At the end of Season 4, Mr. Turner got into that awful motorcycle accident. I couldn't wait to see what happened to him and how they'd handle the situation in Season 5, but they never even addressed it. He was just gone. We had to wait until the show's sequel, Girl Meets World, to find out that he was even alive."


    9. When Minkus literally disappeared for four years and then came back to graduate with everyone...and then he disappeared yet again.

    Minkus appearing as a teenager for one random episode

    "They claimed that Minkus was just 'in the other part of the school,' and that's why we never saw him."


    10. When Julius Carry, best known for playing Angela's army sergeant father in Season 7, previously appeared as a professor in Season 5.

    Side-by-sides of each character Julius Carry played on the show

    "He played Angela's dad AND the professor when Shawn pretended to go to college but was still in high school. I was always so confused by that when I was a kid."


    11. When Cory, Shawn, and Topanga were originally supposed to graduate in the year 2000, but at their actual graduation ceremony, they were the class of 1998.

    Side-by-sides of Mr. Feeny explaining which year the kids were going to graduate

    "In Season 1, during the 'Class Pre-Union' episode, Mr. Feeny stated that they were going to be the 'class of 2000' when they graduate high school. Somehow they ended up being the class of 1998 when they actually graduated."

    katieg48 and danieller485

    12. When the history of Cory and Topanga's entire relationship was a lie.

    Cory and Topanga having their first kiss at the lockers

    "Their romance is one of the most important stories of the whole show, but when did it even start? The first season showed them as two kids who were classmates but didn't totally get along. Then they had their first kiss at the lockers. Later on, the show claimed they were best friends and basically dating since they were toddlers. They even said their first kiss happened on the playground, but we know that isn't true!"


    13. When basically every other episode showcased new neighbors living in apartment 3B.

    Side-by-sides of all the women who lived in apartment 3B

    The turnaround in that apartment was wild. Throughout the series, that apartment housed witches, Rachel and her ex-boyfriend, and a bunch of other women who Jack and Eric wanted to date.


    14. When Topanga had an older sister, Nebula, in the earlier seasons, but they later claimed she was an only child.

    Topanga's sister, Nebula, at the front door of the Matthews's residence

    Krystee Clark played Nebula in a single episode during Season 1. She also played "Valerie" in the episode "Wrong Side of the Tracks" in Season 2, but we never saw or heard from her again.


    15. And when Amy gave birth to Joshua who, like, a couple months later, turned into a 4-year-old for the series finale.

    Side-by-sides of Joshua as a baby in the ICU and Joshua as a much older kid

    "The series basically forgot about Cory's parents the second he left for college, so the plot surrounding Amy's pregnancy felt especially random. Also, things got super religious during those episodes in the ICU, which was kinda weird since it was never really mentioned in earlier episodes. But the wildest part of the show and its finale was when Baby Joshua aged several years within a matter of a few episodes. That's not how time works, Boy Meets World!"


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