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    15 Tiiiiiiny Inconsistencies From "Boy Meets World" That Are Actually Really Annoying

    Remember when they replaced Morgan with a different actor halfway through the series?!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which inconsistencies from Boy Meets World annoyed them the most. Here are the infuriating results.

    1. When they randomly replaced the actor who played Morgan halfway through the series, as if no one would notice.

    Side-by-side of both actors who played Morgan

    2. When approximately 37 different actors played Topanga's parents, including Peter Tork from the Monkees and Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives.

    All the actors who played Topanga's parents

    3. Also, her mom's name randomly changed from Chloe to Rhiannon.

    Topanga calling her parents by different names throughout the series

    4. When the same room at John Adams High mysteriously changed from a closet, to Mr. Feeny's office, to a bathroom.

    SIde-by-sides of the door being named "custodian's room" and "principal's office"

    5. When Shawn had a bunch of full, step, and half siblings who disappeared of their own free will.

    Side-by-side of all of Shawn's siblings

    6. When Eric's entire personality, character, and intelligence were sacrificed so he could become the show's village idiot.

    7. And when Topanga changed from a freethinking, radical, hippie feminist to a "normal" teenager, just so she wouldn't come across as a weird love interest for Cory.

    Cory taking attendance in class and Topanga responding by moaning

    8. When Mr. Turner was in a life-threatening motorcycle crash and then never appeared on the show again, so we all just assumed he died.

    Mr. Turner lying in his hospital bed

    9. When Minkus literally disappeared for four years and then came back to graduate with everyone...and then he disappeared yet again.

    Minkus appearing as a teenager for one random episode

    10. When Julius Carry, best known for playing Angela's army sergeant father in Season 7, previously appeared as a professor in Season 5.

    Side-by-sides of each character Julius Carry played on the show

    11. When Cory, Shawn, and Topanga were originally supposed to graduate in the year 2000, but at their actual graduation ceremony, they were the class of 1998.

    Side-by-sides of Mr. Feeny explaining which year the kids were going to graduate

    12. When the history of Cory and Topanga's entire relationship was a lie.

    Cory and Topanga having their first kiss at the lockers

    13. When basically every other episode showcased new neighbors living in apartment 3B.

    Side-by-sides of all the women who lived in apartment 3B

    14. When Topanga had an older sister, Nebula, in the earlier seasons, but they later claimed she was an only child.

    Topanga's sister, Nebula, at the front door of the Matthews's residence

    15. And when Amy gave birth to Joshua who, like, a couple months later, turned into a 4-year-old for the series finale.

    Side-by-sides of Joshua as a baby in the ICU and Joshua as a much older kid