34 Brilliant Group Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Actually Like

    Costume ideas that are so good, they make me wish I had friends.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their best group Halloween costumes. Here are the award-worthy results:

    1. Some DIY boxes of wine:

    2. Bob Ross and some happy trees:

    3. The Sanderson Sisters:

    4. Dorothy, Glinda, and the tornado from The Wizard of Oz:

    5. A six-pack of your favorite beer:

    6. The gang from Rugrats:

    7. French Kiss:

    8. Three versions of Britney Spears:

    9. Everyone from Bob's Burgers:

    10. The cast of The Golden Girls:

    11. Everyone from Kim Possible:

    12. Austin Powers and some fembots:

    13. Everyone from Holes:

    14. The Spice Girls:

    15. The ~other~ Spice Girls:

    16. The weather:

    17. Grant, Ellie, and a baby velociraptor from Jurassic Park:

    18. The Cheetah Girls:

    19. Peggy, Steve, and a USO dancer from Captain America:

    20. The whole Scooby-Doo gang:

    21. The Powerpuff Girls:

    22. Everyone from Up:

    23. Captain Planet and the Planeteers:

    24. The Channel 4 News Team from Anchorman:

    25. All of the Forrests from Forrest Gump:

    26. The four seasons:

    27. An assortment of Ben & Jerry's flavors:

    28. The whole Pac-Man gang:

    29. The group from Adventure Time:

    30. Pretty much ever Will Ferrell role ever:

    31. The aliens from Toy Story:

    32. NSYNC from their No Strings Attached album:

    33. Five different types of Barbies:

    34. And these iconic Robin Williams characters: