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21 "Shark Tank" Products Under $25 That Real People Actually Swear By

I need all of these right now.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite under-$25 products that were featured on Shark Tank. Here are the must-have results.

1. The Spatty Daddy, which will keep you from throwing out all that hard-to-reach makeup, food, etc. from containers, saving you so much money in the long run., Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

It's a little spatula on a long, thin stick that gets to the bottom of things like makeup, lotions, and soaps. They have a regular Spatty, which is the smaller version, but the holy grail is the Spatty Daddy, which is an even longer one.


Get a Spatty from Walmart for $4.94, and get a Spatty + Spatty Daddy set from Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99 or Amazon for $11.99.

2. A pair of Elephant Pants, which will easily become your new go-to piece of clothing for lounging around.,

Elephant Pants are so cute and insanely comfortable, and they have POCKETS! I have three pairs! They're inexpensive, and a portion of every sale goes towards saving the elephants. I'm literally wearing mine right now!


Get a pair of Hammer pants on their site (available in standard, medium, large, and extra large) for $22 and a pair of harem pants (available in medium) for $20.

3. Some Better Life cleaning products, which are safe and natural all-purpose cleaning products that work even better than the ones you're currently using.,

They work so well, and I feel safe using them! Excellent product!


Get a 32-ounce two-pack on Amazon for $14.16.

4. A tube of Nerdwax, which will prevent your glasses and sunglasses from ever sliding down your face again.,

It's a lifesaver in the hot summer when my glasses would constantly slip down my face due to sweat and humidity. Not anymore!


My nose gets really oily throughout the day, and I live in a desert where it gets up to 110 degrees in the summer. My glasses and sunglasses never slide down my nose when I put a little bit of the wax on the nose pads!


Get a tube from the Nerdwax website for $10 or Amazon for $10.99.

5. Bottle Bright, which is an all-natural and no-hassle way to clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else, no scrubbing required.,

I've used these effervescent tablets on a variety of oddly-shaped and difficult-to-clean items (from narrow-necked water bottles, to sippy cups, to silicone straws). Bottle Bright has successfully de-gunked all of them. These tiny, fizzy tablets rock!


Get a pack of 12 on Amazon for $8.

6. Some Simple Sugars body scrubs, which are all-natural skin care scrubs that work wonders, especially if you have sensitive skin.,

They have scrubs for your body, face, feet, etc., and they come in so many amazing scents. Their sugar scrubs cleared up my eczema in just a few days! And now I don’t have to apply lotion anymore!


They really work for sensitive skin, eczema, and just overall pampering. All-natural and great scents!


Get a 5-ounce bottle from their website for $14 and an 8-ounce bottle for $19.

7. The CreaClip, which will let you cut your own hair (and anyone else's) in a flash, and it'll look professionally-done.

I use the CreaClip all the time to get a beautiful v-shaped and layered look. I have long, thick hair, and it works so well. My mom also uses it for her bangs, and my sister-in-law uses it to get that gorgeous v-cut.


Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

8. A Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler, which fits perfectly around your seatbelt to catch anything that might normally slip through the cracks.

They're amazing. I have big hands and can never reach stuff when it falls between my seats. These are fantastic!


Get one from Walmart for $9.88 or a set of two from Amazon for $19.99.

9. The Rapid Ramen Cooker, which is a must-have for all college students because it cooks a whole brick of ramen in the microwave in just three minutes.,

It perfectly cooks a brick of ramen in the microwave... Every. Single. Time. It's been a game-changer in my house.


Get it on Amazon for $6.99.

10. A Scrub Daddy, which will quickly become the only sponge you ever use.,

It just doesn't smell! I love it, and I always use it because it doesn't leave that nasty sponge smell on my hands like other sponges do.


It's the best sponge I’ve ever purchased! It never smells, can be run through the dishwasher, and works really well to get baked-on grime off my dishes.


Get one from Walmart for $3.69 or a pack of six on Amazon for $20.34.

11. The Rocketbook, which is a reusable notebook that transports your handwritten notes to your phone/laptop, and then you can literally microwave the notebook to erase everything.,

I ADORE my Rocketbook! It's a reusable notebook that comes in a few different models. After writing in the notebooks, you can save what you wrote in your phone by downloading their app. Convenient and eco-friendly!


Get it from Amazon for $22.95.

12. A Squatty Potty, which will honestly change the way you poop. If you need any more convincing, it's also the most suggested product on this entire list.,

I swear by the Squatty Potty. It's the most practical and efficient product I have ever bought.


The Squatty Potty is life-changing. I tell everyone about this.


I got one, and my sister tried it. She loved it so much that I bought her one for Christmas. Then she told me that if her house were on fire and she could only save one thing (besides her kids, of course), it would be her Squatty Potty!


Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

13. Super Coffee, which is a healthy energy drink you'll actually want to put in your body.,

It’s a healthy energy and protein drink that only has a few ingredients: coffee, coconut oil, and protein. It's so smooth and comes in multiple flavors. I love it!


Get a variety pack of four from Amazon for $14.24.

14. A Turbie Twist, which is a super-absorbent towel that's basically like a ShamWow, but for your hair.

I have four, and they are fantastic! Normally I'd wash my hair in the evenings, and it'd still be wet in the mornings. Not anymore! Those things really soak up the water. They really are great!


Get one from Walmart for $6.08 or a pack of four from Amazon for $31.99.

15. A bottle of Wondercide, which is a flea, tick, and mosquito spray that's safe for your animals and home.,

It's an all-natural flea and tick spray. We've tried EVERYTHING, but our house is located on the beach, and if I take my dogs on even one walk, they pick up sand fleas. We tried every product the vet recommended and then some, and this is the ONLY thing that's worked on a regular basis. Plus, it's environmentally-friendly and made with natural and organic ingredients, and it smells good. I love it.


Get a 16-ounce bottle on Amazon for $24.99.

16. The Simply Fit Board, which can give you a great workout while you watch TV, just by twisting your body.,

WHAT FUN! I have really bad knees, but I can easily twist on the board and still get a good workout without having to do the knee-bending exercises. I just put on some music and twist my butt off.


It's hard for me to find fun and affordable exercise equipment that supports my weight. The Simply Fit board is great for me!

—Jacki Demchak, Facebook

Get one on Amazon for $22.99 (available in four colors).

17. A container from The Cookie Dough Café, which is filled with cookie dough that's specifically made for eating from the jar, not baking.,

Holy crap, their Oreo one is so good. It may seem expensive, but it's so worth it.


I love the chocolate chip and confetti flavors, and I literally lived on the stuff throughout both of my pregnancies, since it's all safe to eat!

—Britta Girmscheid, Facebook

Get a 16-ounce jar on Jet of the Oreo flavor for $11.09, the "naked" flavor for $9.29, and the oatmeal chocolate chip flavor for $11.79.

18. Soapsox, which is a stuffed animal that basically doubles as a loofah, making bath time so much less of a hassle. /

I got it for my niece for her third birthday, and she loves it... and that means her parents also love it, because it literally makes bath time so much easier for them.


Get one from their website, ranging from $9.99–$12.99 or find a variety on Amazon.

19. Some Grinds Coffee Pouches, which are pouches of flavored coffee that may reduce your cravings and help you quit tobacco.,

Their products are actually legit. They’ve helped me quit dipping in no time at all, and they taste amazing too!


Get a sampler pack of six from their site for $24.95.

20. A Q-Flex acupressure tool, which is specially-angled to help relieve pressure and give you the best body massage of your life.,

It's life-changing, I tell you.


21. And a container of Delighted by Hummus, which is the ultimate dessert hummus that's better than anything a 5-star chef can whip up.,

It’s dessert hummus, and, holy crap, can I eat tons of it. The brownie one is where it’s at!


I absolutely cannot stand regular hummus (it has a weird texture and tastes weird to me), but this dessert hummus is so good! Their Brownie Batter one on Nilla Wafers is a good dessert to have any time!


Get an 8-ounce container of Brownie Batter, Vanilla Bean, or Choc-O-Mint from Jet for $3.04.

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