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21 Pictures That'll Make Awkward People Laugh Harder Than They Should

Why do I go out in public?

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1. You at the cash register:

2. You at a restaurant:

3. You in class:

4. You in front of the person you like:

5. You when your friends try to make plans:

6. You while driving:

7. You while texting your crush:

8. You when your parents have guests over:

9. You when you actually decide to go out:

10. You when plans get canceled:

11. You when you rehearse everything you're gonna say:

12. You every single day:

13. You on a first date:

14. You when you're trying to have a good time:

15. You when you talk about your feelings:

16. You when you've run out of excuses:

17. You when you try to get personal:

18. You when you start to think about literally anything:

19. You when you actually make plans:

20. You when you try to comfort a friend:

21. And you when you have to be alone with your own thoughts:

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