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21 Famous Books Reimagined To Be About Cheese

50 Shades of Gruyere.

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We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to recreate famous book titles for cheese lovers. Here are the gouda results.

Want to be featured on BuzzFeed? Change a famous book title to be about cheese. #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

1. Yes Cheese


2. The Swissterhood of The Traveling Pants

The Swissterhood Of The Traveling Pants #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

3. The Fetamorphosis

@BuzzFeeders "The Fetamorphosis" #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

4. Animal Parm

5. Gouda Night Moon

Harper & Brothers

6. 50 Shades of Gruyere

7. The Secret Life of Bries

@BuzzFeeders The Secret Life of Bries #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

8. Feta Attraction

Feta Attraction #IfBooksWereAboutCheese @BuzzFeeders

9. The Grate Gatsby

Simon & Schuster

10. Waiting for Gouda

"Waiting for Gouda" #IfBooksWereAboutCheese (do plays count?)

11. A Brie History of Time

A Brie History of Time #IfBooksWereAboutCheese @BuzzFeeders

12. Of Slice and Men

Of Slice and Men by John Rindbeck #ifbookswereaboutcheese @BuzzFeeders

13. Pepper Jack and the Beanstalk


14. Havarti of Darkness

Havarti of Darkness #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

15. The Old Man and the Brie

@BuzzFeeders The Old Man and the Brie #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

16. East of Edam

East of Edam #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

17. To Kill A Mocking-curd

Warner Books, Inc.

18. Oliver Swiss

19. Mozzar-Ella Enchanted

.@BuzzFeedBooks @BuzzFeeders Mozzarella Enchanted #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

20. The Scarlett Cheddar

@BuzzFeeders The Scarlet Cheddar #IfBooksWereAboutCheese

21. Harry Potter and the Order of the Brie-nix


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