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26 Side Effects Of Having A Type-A Personality

Add this to your endless to-do list.

1. Making to-do lists calms you down.

2. You have alarms and schedules for everything.

3. You hate when people are late.

4. Almost as much as when they make you late.

5. You basically lived at the library during college.

6. And wished they had beds for your constant all-nighters.

7. You turn everything into a competition.

8. Which means game night with friends isn't recreation for you. It's war.

9. There was a clear difference between you and everyone else in gym class.

10. You always say "yes" and take on more work, no matter how full your plate already is.

11. You finish people's sentences out of impatience.

12. You're great at multitasking.

13. Running for student council wasn't optional, it was your moral duty.

14. When you're having a bad day, you mess around with the formatting of your résumé to feel better.

15. It doesn't matter how long it takes, you'll stay up until all your work is done.

16. Your childhood heroes were Stuart Minkus and Lisa Simpson.

17. Your work area is always spotless.

18. People always say, "You look stressed."

19. You work seven days a week, even if you only get paid for five.

20. If you actually go out, you bring work with you.

21. You haven't relaxed in about three years.

22. You get frustrated if one of your friends posts about a breaking news story before you.

23. Highlighters and study guides were your best friends in school.

24. Having unanswered emails gives you anxiety.

25. And group projects were your worst nightmare.

But you wouldn't change this way of life for anything.

26. Cause type-A people get shit done.