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    The 17 Most Expensive Divorces Of All Time

    Grab your lawyer, and let the countdown begin.

    17. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey : Estimated $150 million (1994)

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    The Sweet Caroline singer married Marcia Murphey in 1969, but the couple split after 25 years of marriage. Murphey was left with half of Diamond's fortune, to which he said "she's worth every penny."

    16. Samathur Li Kin-Kan and Florence Tsang-Chiu-wing: Estimated $157 million (2011)

    Samathur Li Kin-Kan is a property tycoon and Hong Kong billionaire who divorced his wife because she refused to get an abortion. The settlement was the largest in Asian history.

    15. Boris Berezovsky and Galina Besharova: Estimated $160 million (2010)

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    Boris Berezovsky was originally a teacher, earning only £60 a month, but he later became one of Russia's most elite. He married Galina Besharova in 1991, but the couple divorced in 2010.

    14. Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy: Estimated $168 million (2006)

    Richard Mackson / Getty Images

    The basketball legend and wife were divorced after 17 years of marriage, and the decision to split was mutual. Juanita received $168 million in the settlement, along with custody of their three children and their seven-acre Chicago mansion.

    13. Michael Polsky and Maya Polsky: Estimated $184 million (2007)

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    In 1976, Michael and Maya Polsky moved to America with only $500 in their pockets. After 31 years of marriage, Maya divorced Michael, the founder of Invenergy LLC.

    12. Charles Edgar Fipke and Marlene Fipke: Estimated $200 million (2000)


    Charles Fipke is the first person to discover diamonds in Canada's Northwest Territories, but his ex-wife, Marlene Fipke, struck gold when they divorced. Marlene received 1/5th of Charles' company, a cool $123 million, and much, much more, all totaling about $200 million.

    11. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver: Estimated between $250 and $375 million (2011)

    ATLAN Jean-Louis / Getty Images

    This is a tricky one, as the marriage between Shriver and Schwarzenegger is not officially kaput. But after a 25-year marriage, Shriver filed for divorce in 2011 against the former governor of California, who had an affair and a son with their housekeeper.

    10. Roman Abramovich and Irina Malandina: Estimated $300 million (2006)

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    Irina Malandina filed for divorce against Roman Abramovich, a Russian business tycoon, under speculation that he was having an affair. Malandina sought after half of Abramovich's fortune (which would have left her with about $6 billion), but she was only awarded $300 million. Only.

    9. Robert Johnson and Sheila Crump: Estimated $400 million (2003)

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    Robert and Sheila Johnson are co-founders of BET, and they just happened to be married from 1969-2002. Robert became the first African American billionaire, so when the couple divorced, Sheila received a large sum of the fortune... $400 million worth.

    8. Mel Gibson and and Robyn Moore: Estimated $425 million (2006)

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    What happens when an unknown actor and a dental nurse get married? Box office gold. Robyn Moore married Mel Gibson in 1980, split from him 26 years later, and took half of his fortune. The divorce settlement is the largest in Hollywood history.

    7. Craig McCaw and Wendy Petrak: Estimated $460 million (1997)

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    Craig McCaw earned his fortune as the founder of McCaw Cellular, which was sold to AT&T for a reported $11.5 billion in the early 90s. He married Wendy Petrak in 1974, but the couple split in 1997.

    6. Steve Wynn and Elaine Pascal: Estimated $740 million (2010)

    Arnaldo Magnani / Getty Images

    Steve Wynn, chief executive of Wynn Resorts, married Elaine Pascal in 1963. They divorced in 1986 but remarried again in 1991, ultimately leading to their second divorce in 2010. Elaine received 11 million shares of the Wynn stock when they divorced, equaling $741 million.

    5. Adnan Khashoggi and Soraya Khashoggi: Estimated $850 million (1982)

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    Adnan Khashoggi, 34, a Saudi Arabian businessman, married 20-year-old Soraya Khashoggi (originally Sandra Daly, until she converted to Islam) in 1961. The couple divorced in 1982. If adjusted for inflation, the divorce settlement would topple $2 billion.

    4. Bernie Ecclestone and Slavica Ecclestone: Estimated $1.2 billion (2009)

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    Bernie Ecclestone, the president and CEO of Formula One racing, was married to Slavica Ecclestone, a former model, for 23 years. They had two children together, but Slavica, 28 years his junior, inevitably filed for divorce.

    3. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Maria Torv: Estimated $1.7 billion (1998)

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    After a 32-year marriage and three children, Murdoch and Torv parted ways in 1998. Their divorce was finalized in 1999, leaving Torv with over $1.2 billion (including $110 million IN CASH).

    2. Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng: Estimated $1.8 billion (2013)

    Congrats to Murdoch for appearing on this list more than once! Somehow, true love knows some bounds. Murdoch married Deng only 17 days after his second divorce was finalized. Thirteen years later, he's ready to repeat the same process. Murdoch, 82, and Deng, 44, are divorcing under "irreconcilable differences."

    1. Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse: Estimated $2.5 billion (1997)

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    Alec Wildenstein inherited billions from his famous art-dealing family. When his wife, Jocelyn Wildenstein, walked in on Alec and his 19-year-old secret lover, only 42 years his junior, Jocelyn decided to call things off. Jocelyn received $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement and $100 million every year for 13 years after.