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Can Super Bowl Fans Raise Their Consciousness?

Yesterday we wrote that 100 Million Americans Are Becoming More Conscious. But this Sunday, 100 million viewers are expected to tune in to the Super Bowl, an annual ritual of head butting, beer swilling and commercialism. Is It possible to enjoy the Super Bowl and still consider yourself “conscious”? Actually yes. In fact, if you are a proponent of the conscious lifestyle and you are also a devotee of the Super Bowl, we have good news for you. Consciousness and Super Bowl are not mutually exclusive. Here are five ways to enjoy a Conscious Super Bowl:

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1. Join In On the Greenest Game Ever

New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee invites football fans to participate in Geaux Green games to save energy and reduce carbon emissions from the game between the 49ers and Ravens.

2. Be Conscious of Your Own Contribution to the Game’s Carbon Footprint

While you’re watching the Super Bowl at home, turn off all the lights and appliances in your house. With everyone in your house focused on a single screen for a few hours, you’re doing your small part.

4. Connect With Your Community

Fostering a sense of connection with other people is a prime goal of Conscious Media. Watching the Super Bowl with family, friends and other fans, helps us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Cherish that feeling.

5. Be Inspired

Conscious Media has the power to inspire, and who are we to say where inspiration should come from? If you are in the mindset to seek inspiration, we bet you can find it in Beyonce’s halftime performance, in a phenomenal pass, or even in a hilarious Super Bowl commercial.

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